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Watching The Game At Neyland Stadium

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Watching the Game at Neyland Stadium

Neyland Stadium provides a gathering place where over one hundred thousand people come to cheer for the Tennessee Vols. The stadium, located in the middle of the UT campus, ranks as America’s third largest collegiate stadium with a capacity of 104,079; since people began recording attendance, more than 22.89 million fans have watched Tennessee football in the stadium, and the record attendance was reached when the Vols played the Gators in September 2000( If you think all you can do is watch the games at home on the couch, think again. You can actually be part of these games and fulfill all your football fan needs. If you come watch a game, it will be well worth your time.

For someone who has never been to a game, there may be some things you might want to know. To get to the stadium, you travel I 26, when leaving from Johnson City, for around two hours. The exit to go downtown will take you right to the campus. Arriving about two hours before the game can be helpful when finding a parking place. If you have a hard time being on your feet a lot or get tired easily, going later might be for you. Since the stadium is outdoors, it may be a smart thing to take along ponchos, coats, and anything needed to make you comfortable. The stadium brings out people of all ages. A lot of families come down together. The trip will definitely involve having fun, so carry along some things to help you go crazy for your team. The ushers at all the gates allow pom poms, signs, face painting, noise makers, and anything else you can think of.

The first thing you do when you reach the stadium is search for a parking place. Although the price to park at the Hilton motel is fifteen dollars, you will appreciate it later. You can find the motel right across the street from the front of the stadium. The farther away you go from the stadium, the cheaper the parking places, but when the game ends you can get out of the Hilton easier than any where else. You should also wear comfortable shoes because you will do a lot of walking to the restaurants and stores around the stadium. If you hear of a chance of rain, a change of clothes thrown in your car might make the ride home better. Some products to cool your throat from screaming so much may be required.

Just a little note, do not bother bringing video cameras, bottles, cans, umbrellas, stadium chairs with arms, coolers, or alcohol. The ushers prohibit these in the stadium. Don’t worry if you don’t have a ticket yet. You can find many scalpers right at the front of the stadium. These people buy a bulk of tickets and come down and sell them cheaper than you can get them anywhere else. The scalpers hold the tickets in the air; you can just raise your hand in the air and the scalpers will come to you. You can save money this way. A normal ticket costs about thirty-eight dollars. The scalpers sell their tickets for twenty, sometimes; it depends on whom the team...

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