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Paying Attention To The Global Water Shortage

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Many people often deem money as the most important thing to obtain in life, these people are wrong. According to psychologist Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs the most essential human needs are biological and physiological such as oxygen, shelter, food, and water (McLeod). Of these, water stands out because although it covers most of Earth’s surface it is still in short supply and more researchers are beginning to notice a crisis may appear in the future. Most of the population in the developed world does not understand the daily struggle that people in less developed and developing countries go through in order to reach water. In countries like America, citizens simply have to turn on a faucet to receive fresh water, in countries like Cambodia “84% of the population does not have access to clean, safe water” (St. Cyr). Today only poor countries are being directly impacted by the lack of available fresh water, but in the future this story might not be the same. Based on today’s research more and more scientists are starting to worry if people can combat the global water shortage.
Some causes of the fresh water scarcity are population, usage, environmental, and pollution. As the population increases more food and water are needed to sustain it, especially with the changing diets. Today, people are eating more meat so to keep up with that demand, more water is being used for cattle and grazing areas instead of people so “agriculture accounts for ~70% of global freshwater withdrawals” (UNESCO). This is a prime example of misusage of water. Usage is a major contributing factor because little things impact the world in a large way. In developed countries we use water to do basic things like shower and brush our teeth, but if we saved some of this water by taking shorter showers and turning the faucet off while brushing our teeth thousands of gallons of water could be saved each year. The environment also adds to the problem, not just in agriculture but with climate changes. With Global Warming, the glaciers where 2/3rds of fresh water are located have started melting and will not be usable in the future. Most fresh water is recyclable but this loss would significantly impact the population for generations to come. Something else that is currently affecting other generations is pollution. Many developing countries do not have laws or restrictions on how to properly dump waste to be eco-friendly, so “up to 90% of wastewater in developing countries flows untreated into rivers, lakes and highly productive coastal zones, threatening health, food security and access to safe drinking and bathing water” (UNESCO). This should not be acceptable but developing countries do not know how and cannot combat their pollution issue without money and more knowledge. Most of these problems can be seen in individual nations today, but if we start running short on water this tribulations will have to be shared by the world’s population. These are issues that cause...

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