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Water: A Current Societal Problem Essay

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Water scarcity is a global concern. Water covers approximately 70 percent of the Earth’s surface; however, only 1 percent of the available water is sufficient for human consumption. The Earth’s limited water supply must be spread and shared for agricultural, domestic, commercial, industrial, and environmental needs. This means that managing the supply and how water is dispersed is critical to the continuance of our planet and life as we know it. The most crucial natural resource and its availability is a major issue facing the United States and all other countries around the world.
Water is vital to the survival of every living organism on the planet. The unusable water on the planet ...view middle of the document...

How would those 22 million people survive? The demand for water is uncovering the ways in which our water has been taken for granted. Pollution, wasting, and lack of education are contributing factors to the lack of replenishing our water supply.
It is easy to overlook the numerous ways we consume water. Not only do we drink it, shower with it, wash our cars, vegetables, and fruit with it, but we use it in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Water is a necessity to grow food. Some of the food that is grown is fed to animals. Those animals need water to drink to survive. Water is needed to process those animals into meat that we consume. Water is also used in the manufacturing of goods, such as clothes and personal and business computers. Water is necessary to produce energy across the nation. This water is required to meet our nation’s energy needs.
“At least 36 states are anticipating local, regional, or statewide water shortages by 2013, even under non-drought conditions.” The Environmental Protection Agency published this, preceding their development of WaterSense, a program to help make American homes and businesses make more efficient use of their water. This partnership program offers simple ways to reduce the amount of water used by the average America home or business. They show how and where to purchase water-efficient products, which can also help Americans, save money while protecting this precious natural resource. By utilizing the WaterSense program companies, as well as individual, can create a small step towards conserving water within their communities. This program is extremely effective when utilized correctly.
According to an article, written by Grace Wyler, “Taking into account past patterns of drought and water use, the Columbia study reveals that several metro areas, including New York City, Washington, D.C., and Los Angles, are at high risk for water scarcity, along with the Great Plains agricultural belt extending from North and South Dakota down to North Texas.” The top ten areas with the highest risk for water scarcity in the United States spans from Santa Barbara, California clear across the country to New York metro area. With such a widespread drought, the existing problems with the demand for water ever increasing and the supply never changing, the world is heading towards a major water shortage.
According to the most recent federal forecast from the U.S. Seasonal Drought Outlook; Drought Tendency, forty-eight percent of the contiguous United States are now experiencing moderate to exceptional drought. The western half of the country is thought to have a current drought that is going to persist or intensify. This lack of rain requires farmers to rely upon ground water in years where the rainfall is below the regional average. By relying solely on ground water, farmers have contributed to the decline in the aquifer.
In the United States water usage is at an all-time high. The average...

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