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Water Analysis And Observational Information, A Research Question

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Research Question: Is distilled and filtered and spring, and tap water detrimental to the health of humans?
Water is an essential element that the human body needs to survive, to live. There are six different kinds of water that is distributed and gathered amongst citizens of the United States of America. Well water, tap, distilled, spring, filtered, and electrolyte water are all effect the human body’s health. Guess what? Electrolyte water is the only healthy water to consume! Electrolytes in bottled water such as Smart Water, helps balance body fluids and maintain homeostasis. The (TVA) Tennessee Valley Authority manages the main reservoir water levels, but the (TDEC) Tennessee ...view middle of the document...

Quality of Memphis water according to Memphis Light, Gas, and Water Division; because of a breach in Shelby Farms Park more than 38,000 tests per year helps better the quality of drinking and bottled water. According to the Fluoridation Altercation report by Louis Goggans, from the American Dental Association; in 1970, MLGW began fluoridating Memphis drinking water due to a demanding ordinance by the city council. $609,000 is invested into fluoridating Memphis drinking water. This contract was opposed by Janis Fullilove, who stated, “she discovered MLGW was lying to the public about the amounts of fluoride they are releasing into the water.” Janis Fullilove also said, she purchased a fluorometer, and tested the city’s fluoride water levels, which revealed 1.9 (ppm) in the city.
Distilled, spring, and filtered bottled water all do not obtain minerals needed to nurture the human body. According to the Sierra Club in Memphis on water sentinels, scientific research indicates approximately 19.5 million Americans become ill each year from microbiological water contamination. Water makes up approximately 60-70 percent of the human body weight, and infants 75 percent body weight. According to a New York Times analysis of federal data over 20 percent of the nation’s water treatment systems have violated requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act over five years. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 39 percent of rivers and streams, 45 percent of lakes and reservoirs, and 51 percent of estuaries failed to meet water-quality standards. Consuming unhealthy drinking and bottled water, negatively affects the growth, and nourishment of the human body. Studies in 2000 indicate from the Shelby County Health Department investigating the breaching of lake, river, and rain water has been affecting the quality of water located in the Memphis aquifer.
Electrolyte bottled water has minerals that help restore the human body’s homeostasis, and immune system. Filtered, distilled, and spring water...

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