Water Conservation Essay

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Water Conservation
Drinking water that is fresh and clean is something we take for granted. We may not think carefully about what it takes, but from the place of origin of a stream or river to tap water, a lot happens to make that water fit to drink and use it in different ways at home. Our water may come from Mother Nature, but it’s far from having its original purity. Because water is considered a precious resource, we need to find ways to cut back and prevent waste. My effort in using water efficiently over a period of one week at home contributed to reducing water by 328 gallons. My estimate in different ways of water usage in my home included showering, flushing toilet, washing ...view middle of the document...

To give a rough estimate on my water conservation over the course of one week, my calculation will be based on the estimate of U.S. Geological Survey using older shower head which may use as much as 5 gallons per minute. ("Typical water use at home," n.d., p. 1) My average indoor water usage for showering would take 15 minutes which adds to 75 gallons per day and for four days a week would total 300 gallons. For the days that involve washing my hair would take 20 minutes, my water usage adds to 100 gallons per day and for three days a week it would total 300 gallons. Total water usage for shower in one week would be 600 gallons. As a way to reduce water without substantially affecting my comfort living for a period of one week, my decision to cut back five minutes on shower helped me save 250 gallons per week. In one year, my contribution to reducing water could bring a savings of 13,000 gallons. A small change in habits can make a big difference. Imagine if everyone could cut back five minutes in their daily water usage, we would reduce water waste immensely.
Toilets are by far one of three main source of water use in a home. Most new toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush, but many older toilets use about 4 gallons per flush, according to U.S. Geological Survey. ("Typical water use at home," n.d., p. 1) My use of toilet flushing for the week was 160 gallons. This is an area where no one can afford to reduce toilet flushing. However, a house hold can significantly save its toilet water usage by regularly checking for and fixing leaks or installing a new toilet that uses 1.6 gallons per flush.
Bathroom and kitchen faucets account for the third source of water use in a home. The estimate water flow from the bathroom and kitchen faucet is 2.0 gallons per minute if using an older model, according to U.S. Geological Survey. ("Typical water use at home," n.d., p. 1) My routine habit for average water use during hand and face washing is around one minute. This would suggest my usage of water to be at 70 gallons per week. In finding ways to reduce water waste for a period of a week, my cut back by 30 seconds revealed my total reduction to 35 gallons per week. This goes to show that it doesn’t take much effort to start reducing water waste.
Most of us may have already caught on that we can save water if we turn the tap off while brushing teeth. According to U.S. Geological Survey, they show that 1 gallon is used, especially if water is turned off while brushing. ("Typical water use at home," n.d., p. 1) My adopted habit of rinsing my tooth brush on low water flow for 20 seconds has me reducing water waste substantially by 5 gallons oppose to 15 gallons. Since my routine is already being practiced, it didn’t leave me room to cut back on water waste.

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