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Water Crystallization: The Relation Between Water And Crispness

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A. Physical Quality in nutrisari, there are 3 main parameters to maintain physical stability:

1. Water and Crispness
The relation between water and crispness is that the more aw in the food products, then the less crispness in it. In this case, as we talk about nutrisari (dehydrated juice) the water and crispness parameter has no interaction for the product as it is not one of the parameter for nutrisari.
2. Water and Stickiness, Caking and Collapse
In dehydrated juice, caking is categorized as a problem factor. The product should be maintained to have the same quality as it is first produced and even after pass few months or years in storage until the expired date. In the dehydrated juice ...view middle of the document...

In the dehydrated process, the processing from the real fruit until the very end process, the loss of the nutrients, flavor and sweet were overcome by adding the sugar, orange flavor, orange aromatic, mineral and vitamins C.
C. Microbiological Quality
Water is used for microbial metabolism, so the decreasing of aw will decrease the growth of the microorganisms. In nutrisari as it is dehydrated juice product, the aw and water content is low. The low of water content will inhibit the growth of microorganism. The high sugar content also inhibits the growth of microorganism. The high content of acidic also inhibits the growth of microorganism.
Ingredient in Nutrisari:
- Sugar
Sugar used as a sweetener and it is also effectively make this product as an ‘instant’ product with the sugar content in it. So, it will make the consumer easier to consume nutrisari without need to add any additional sugar in it. Sugar also functioned as a filler in product, this filler means for giving volume in a product so it will have the ideal quantity of product.
- Orange powder

The interaction between water and orange powder is if the powder given a water (in a small quantity) the caking will happen. All of the dehydrated juice using powder as it serve result, it means that in the final process and the storage the powder can not have a contact with water, cause it will conduct...

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