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Water ExercisesSubmitted by: Leslye Kang 11/13/14Purpose(s): To provide aquatic activities that promote: cardio, strength, and flexibleGoals & Objectives:Objective 1: Provide an activity that will demonstrate how to improving metabolic and cardiovascular fitnessGoal 1.1: After the 30-minute activity, 90% of the participants in immediate activity and increase their heart rateObjective 2: Provide an activity that will demonstrate how to gain core and muscle strengthGoal 2.1: After the 30-minute activity, 90% of the participants will create lean muscles, increase core and muscle strengthObjective 3: Provide an activity that will demonstrate how to remain flexibleGoal 3.1: After the 30-minute activity, 90% of the participants will create lean muscles while increasing range of motion and flexibility.Materials/Equipment/ Supplies:Indoor pool at Field HouseOne group will receive15 noodles. Each participant in that group will get one noodle.For each two participant have three Buoyancy belt for participants with various abilitiesDescription:Set up the floor near pool thirty minutes before the participants show up by placing the equipment in the area (see Appendices 1).Introduction:Script: "Hello everyone, my name is Leslye Kang. I am working with you this afternoon. I will be teaching you some water exercises today. How many of you know how to swim?"Divide 30 participants into groups of six, lining up in rows of five. If not all 30 show up, then I will divide them up accordingly [For example, 26 participants, and then 4 groups with 5 participants and the 5th group will have 6 participants].Lead the group warm up activity (see Appendices 2).Divide 30 participants again, this time into groups of two (15 each group). Count one and two on each person to split them into groups.Start activity in pool (see Appendices 3).When the activity is completed, you lead participants in cool down stretches before they leave (see Appendices 4-9).Script: "If you cannot balance well, then you can use the shallow-end of pool edge for additional support."When they are finished with their stretches. Script: "Water exercises have some good benefits for your body because those activities are good for cardio, strength, and flexible. Did you enjoy these different activities? Which activity you like to? To ask you more questions and feedbacks about this. Have a great day and thank you for joining us today!"Adaptations of the Activity for Individuals with Various Abilities:For participants with various abilities;Lifeguard who is certified with water safety instruction can work with them to ensure that they become successful with the water activity. If a certified lifeguard is not available, then assistive pool equipment may be used as an alternative method. Note: I prefer not to use PER 490 students since they may not certified and could be prone to possible liabilities.An example of pool equipment may include the use of paddleboards (floats), noodles (woggle), and buoyancy belts...

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