Water For Elephants, By Sarah Gruen.

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In the novel water for Elephants, The author takes characters with seemingly irredeemably miserable lives and gives shows the reader the small, fleeting moments of joy that keeps them going. Gruen does this to demonstrate to the reader that one of the main themes of the novel is that no life is completely without joy. The author does this primarily through the characters of Rosie, Jacob, and the character of Uncle Al.Jacob the main character works as a vet in the Benzini Brothers Circus and hates it. In his life he feels like he has very little joy, and has said one of the only things keeping him at the circus is Rosie, the elephant. The other is Marlena, August's wife, who he has fallen in love with. "I hate him. I hate him for being so brutal. I hate that I'm beholden to him. I hate that I'm in love with his wife and something damned close to that with the elephant. And most of all, I hate that I've let them both down."( Pg 170). In this quote Jacob talks about his extreme dislike for August (which reflects negatively on his view of the circus as a whole), and his love for Marlena and Rosie. The fact that Jacob says that he "hates" that he loves them means that he hates that they are the only things keeping him there. Rosie and Marlena are two of his small bit of joy is his currently unfortunate life. The author shows another bit of joy in Jacob's life when he when he is in a nursing home. He is old and dislikes being there. "I was twenty-three, and now here I am in this wretched, desiccated body." He mentions one thing he would really like is some fruit. : "Sometimes I think that if I had to choose between an ear of corn or making love to a woman, I'd choose the corn... Sometimes I substitute an apple for the corn." Jacob has gotten to a point in his life where he would prefer fruit over sex. Since sex is no longer a possibility one of the thin rays of happiness he has left is to dream about that slice of apple or piece of corn. When Jacob finally gets his slice of apple he is over come with happiness, despite his melancholy over what has become of his life. "I slip a piece of apple into my mouth, savouring its juices. The buzzing fluorescent fixture above me casts its harsh light on my crooked fingers as they pluck pieces of fruit from the bowl." He is no longer interested in obsessing over how much he has aged, not that he has his little piece of happiness. This proves the theme, by showing that his life is not completely without joy. These are the ways the author uses the character of Jacob to demonstrate the theme that no life is completely without joy.Another way the author demonstrates the theme of the novel is through the character of Rosie. Rosie is the Benzini brother Elephant. Rosie's life is among the most miserable of all the characters in the novel. "Distraught listeners could still make out the hollow thud of bull hook hitting flesh, again and again and again. At first Rosie bellowed and whimpered. When she progressed to...

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