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Water, Hydration And Health Essay

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“Drinking water is like washing out your insides. The water will cleanse the system, fill you up, decrease your caloric load and improve the function of all your tissues.” – Kevin R. Stone --

Lately, the trend is that nearly everyone carries a water bottle with them and sips all day long. But what does water really do for the body? Is it essential that people gulp down the prescribed “eight glasses of water a day” for optimal health and performance? A growing body of information now points to evidence that water is beneficial to your health.

Hydration with water and other water-based liquids is critical for survival and functioning of the body’s organs. Water is 60% of the total human body composition. Water is involved in the function of temperature regulation, elimination of waste and secretion, digestion, and is 80% of blood composition. Deborah Boardly, assistant professor of health promotion and human performance at the University of Ohio in Toledo says, "I truly believe that dehydration (insufficient body fluids) may be the number one nutrition problem for athletes—and, possibly, people in general." Boardly goes on to say, "Today we have all these concerns about everything we should and shouldn’t eat—and yet here is this absolutely fundamental substance and it is grossly overlooked."(

Scientist, doctors, and businesses alike are making claims about water. Scientists are trying to formulate data and construct studies that prove the effectiveness of using water on a daily basis. Doctors are instructing their patients to use water to help cure minor ailments and boost the overall condition of the immune system. Businesses and industries are concerned with the economic implications of the water trend. The businesses can manipulate customers into purchasing many products and make high profits. Many differing claims are being made about the effects of water by varying groups to use for their own purposes.

Despite the strong claims being made by many parties, some individuals are still not drinking water. The excuses for not drinking water vary in such ways as; forgetting and water being inaccessible. Much of the American public, however, is uninformed about the benefits and the consequences on health of not drinking water. Also, many Americans think that any liquid qualifies as hydration. Confusion exists about what is the best liquid to drink and whether purified or higher quality is better. With the misunderstandings and unconcerned public, America is often dehydrated.

Dehydration is a problem that can be fixed easily through self-awareness and a conscious effort to drink. Many techniques exist to help facilitate and encourage water consumption: making drinking water a habit; keeping a liquid journal; and making water more appealing. Although the topic of water consumption and drinking eight glasses of water appears to be such a simple element of health, it is key to effective...

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