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As we have seen from above reports that water scarcity is a serious global issue. Although various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have been working and implementing various ways to minimize water scarcity, local corporations still can and should take part. Water is more than just a tangible objects but it is life. Moreover water scarcity has been validly shown to cause poverty. One of the way corporations can take part is through corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.
The term corporate social responsibility is defined as corporation’s responsibility or obligations towards society which consists of three different parts: corporation, ...view middle of the document...

To enhance the long-term realize gain to fight the water scarcity can only be achieve through collective civil stage action of CSR. As it is has been stated above that the world water is on the verge of people living with inadequate water, thus corporation can opt to channel their CSR programs to this matter.
In support with the CSR program that has been proposed above, every people actually bear a right to water which is defined as the right to access sufficient water, with the term ‘access’ also including economic accessibility, i.e. affordability, and with the term ‘sufficient’ referring to both the quality and quantity of water necessary to meet the basic human needs . Although as per international law the human right to water is not yet explicitly recognized but it does exist since water is the most essential element of life. But the right to water is interpreted as being an unstated essence of human rights. Due to the improving sustainable development process, the link between social development and human rights aspects with environment is more ensured which lead to right to adequate supplies of water.
Water scarcity, which also happened due to the drastic changing environmental and social factors, makes the issue of water as human right become more significant. Not to mention that water serves as the very essence of the right of life and other fundamental human rights due to the following reasons:
-Right to life: without water, no life can be sustained
-Right to food: water is essential fir farming which need water for irrigation
-Right to adequate standard of living: As the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural rights vividly stated “Clearly falls within the category of guarantees essential for securing an adequate standard of living, particularly since it is one of the most fundamental condition for survival”.
-Right to housing: As the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural rights stated “the right to adequate housing should have sustainable access to natural and common resources, safe drinking water, … sanitation and washing facilities…”
-Right to education: Children have no option but to travel long distances for water instead of pursuing their academic needs.
-Right to health: World Health Organization estimates that in developing countries, 80% of illnesses are the result of drinking contaminated.
-Right to suitable working conditions: Majority of people in developing countries’ income comes from food production and agriculture which require water.
According to the supporting points mentioned above, water is part of human right and how human cannot live without water. Thus corporation has the duty to protect or to restore this human right.
This paper focuses on corporation that sells bottled water and how they contribute back to the society by providing adequate clean water for the society through several ways that meet the local needs.
In 1998, Aqua Group established...

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