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Water Reseach Essay

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Water is a tasteless, odorless and transparent liquid and is commonly described as the universal solvent (Shih, 2014). Solid, liquid and gas are the states of water that exist in the environment. The most abundant molecular compound covering seventy percent of our planet’s surface is water (Shih, 2014). The amount of water is constant (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources [OMNR], 2009). However, only point zero one percent of the total water on the planet is fresh water (OMNR, 2009).

In reference to the city of Toronto, Lake Ontario is the source of fresh water in Toronto. The fresh water from the lake goes through series steps of purification before it reaches the consumers as tap ...view middle of the document...

Bottling water begins at the source. The water can come from a variety of sources including springs, aquifers, or municipal supplies (CFIA, 2014). The next step is to filter the water. According to The Coca Cola Company, water from Dasani® Bottled Water go through a carbon filtration system, a form of crushed and hardened charcoal, where chlorine and other minerals are removed. Dasani also use a process called reverse osmosis that uses water to remove impurities from water The water that passes through the carbon filtration and reverse osmosis systems is demineralize to enhance the taste (The Coca Cola Company, 2008). Finally, Ozone gas is use to disinfect the water(The Coca Cola Company, 2008). The bottles are then filled, capped, labeled and package for the market (The Coca Cola Company, 2008).

According to the city of Toronto, the used water from homes, schools, and industries is known as waste water. Sewer system is the series of pipes where waste water is collected . From the sewage, the water goes through a bar screen where large materials are separated from the waste water. The water then flows to a basin where it is kept in order for the solid particles to settle at the bottom of the basin. Oxygen is added to the water for the microorganisms to gobble up the dirt. The water mixed with microorganisms is sent to the clarifier. Some solid particles that settle at the bottom will be sent to the digested. The microorganism produces methane gas that is...

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