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The issue of freshwater pollution is a serious level of concern. The Environmental Protection Agency has projected that water pollution will be as high in 2025 as it was in 1968, which is before the passage of the Clean Water Act. We must comprehend the problems and become part of the resolution in order to combat this pollution. There are many different types of water pollution, with that being said the quality and quantity of our clean freshwater resources are depleting. The water pollution is not just a local issue but rather a global problem that does require serious attention in order for the cleanup of these contaminates to be anywhere near successful. According to Pielou, (1998) "The UN reports that one person in six lives without regular access to safe drinking water." There are many essential changes that are needed that are not going to come easily. We need to remember that water is essential to the survival of all living things. We need to do everything we can to maintain the quality of clean water.The world today has various categories of water pollution that affects it. We do recognize this reality, but humans still ignore this problem by polluting the rivers and lakes. Many humans throw their trash into the lakes and rivers when they are fishing and camping. The main contributors of water pollution are classified as municipal, industrial, and agricultural. Providing a step by step "Freshwater Sustainability Plan", this pollution issue can be maintained and even solved. Yes, it is going to take some time but if we follow this step by step plan we can get the pollution maintained and have cleaner, safer water. The following is an action plan that will lay out the blueprint needed to ensure this sustainability plan succeeds.Steps for the Freshwater Sustainability PlanResearch the freshwater pollution problem and identify the source of the water pollutants. This will be done in the field and in the office. Research will be conducted to provide a gathering of all resources related to water pollution. Months one to three of this plan will consist of this step. This is a very critical step and needs to be completed before we can go on to the others.Developing training and education materials is the next step. This will take place is the fourth and fifth months of this plan. This material requires accuracy and need to be comprehendible. This is important because anyone that is using the material should be able to easily understand how and what is needed to correct the pollution in the water.The third step is to educate the...

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