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Water Skiing, Love, And Farming Essay

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“ I had a pretty easy life” said my grandma, Delores Eppelsheimer, now days it’s a little different. These words shocked me as we were sitting in her small, but warm and cozy living room. She started out by telling me how she had loads of fun growing up and that she never felt the need to go to college. In today’s lifestyle, you most likely wouldn't be able to get a decent job without a college degree.
I started out asking what she liked to do as she was growing up. The first thing that came out of her mouth was “Water skiing, no one could water ski like me”. She started out talking about how she went to the lake every day after school and during any other free time that she had. “In the morning we would go water skiing in our pajamas and see who could stay the driest” my crazy grandma said with an enormous smirk on her face. She was never scared of the crystal, blue water and it’s abyss-like bottom, or the slimy weeds below her feet. With her short black hair, her passion was being at the lake and never thought twice about going to college.
The fact that she never went to college made me think about how she made it through all these years. “It was a lot easier to get a job without having to go to college” she said. Back in those days, getting a job didn't take a college degree. For instance, my grandma went into accounting after she graduated high school, but it wasn’t long until she realized she didn’t like it, and it didn’t take long until she knew what she really wanted to do.
On one, sunny afternoon, she went over to her brother in-law’s farm and learned how to drive one of the many tractors they had. “I absolutely loved it” she said. This is where all the farming started and it’s what she still does today and I know she will still be up in that beloved, green, John Deere tractor until she can’t walk anymore.
Now how could she do all this farming alone? One of her close friends, hooked her and my grandpa up, Duane Eppelsheimer, and they fell for each other hook, line and sinker. They only dated for 4 months prior to getting married. “My momma was not happy about us getting married” she said, which I can understand because there is no way possible, that my mom would ever let me do that. Most people’s parents probably wouldn’t let them either. They got married and moved out to the country where they could start their farming together. Everything seemed great until the November of 1963.
In that November, the house caught fire and my aunt, her daughter Terri, was in the house as it was being swallowed by colossal flames. Terri was only a month old at the time, so she couldn't do anything. My great grandpa, Terri’s grandpa, went into the glowing house to save her. My grandma waited anxiously for both him and her precious baby to come out of the flaming house. After a couple minutes, my great grandpa came out swadling a blanket. His eyebrows were gone but there was the baby, laying in the supple blanket, unharmed without a single burn or...

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