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Water supply is the provision of water by public utilities, commercial organisations, community endeavors or by individuals, usually via a system of pumps and pipes. In Mauritius, the CWA and other authorities do their best to provide water to the population. In fact, based on the statistics made by the CWA, 98.6% of the population is provided with clean and safe water. However, the authorities do encounter some problems and face some challenges to provide water to the population. Let us now see what are these problems and challenges in Mauritius.In Mauritius, the main sources of water are rainwater and underground water. Rainwater is collected in the six main reservoirs in Mauritius namely Mare aux Vacoas, Piton du Milieu, La Nicoliere, Midlands Dam, Port Louis Municipal Dyke Dam and Riviere du Poste. These reservoirs have been built to provide water in each corner of the island mostly for domestic uses, industrial uses and hotels industry. In reservoirs the water collected must be treated so as the population is provided with clean potable water. The whole process of water treatment consists of filtration, chlorination and purification. After that this clean water is sent throughout the island by means of pumps and pipes. However the transfer of water from reservoirs to taps may undergo various problems. First if the quality of the pipes is not good, they may rust or break with time hence causing leakage. Secondly, in Mauritius by mid-June, there is no significant rainfall, therefore leading to a lack of water. The Ministry of Public Utilities and Energy is therefore forced to introduce a regime in the water supply. Thirdly the quantity of reservoirs in Mauritius is not enough to supply water everywhere. Moreover some of these reservoirs are situated on the lower plains and due to the lack of rainfall in these areas, the reservoirs do not collect sufficient amount of rainwater.In Mauritius, one of the main uses of water is for domestic purposes. Today, the domestic water consumption is about 166 litres per day per individual. Mauritians need clean and safe water for drinking, cooking, household chores and sanitation. However due to the problems mentioned above, we can see that many people across the island are not supplied with the amount of water they require. Very often the CWA has to reduce the amount of water sent to areas such as Flacq, Black River and Goodlands due to a lack of rainfall in these dry regions. The CWA has to provide these inhabitants with water by means of water trucks very frequently.A second main use of water is for the agricultural uses. The average volume of water used for irrigation system may vary between 30 to 100 mm3 per year. In Mauritius, irrigation is mostly done by centre pivot system, sprinkler and overhead systems. Center pivot irrigation is a form of sprinkler irrigation consisting of several segments of pipe joined together and supported by trusses, mounted on wheeled towers with sprinklers positioned along...

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