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Waterboarding. What Is Waterboarding? Is Waterboarding Torture?

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Katie SchicklingProfessor LevanCOM 1011 December 2014WaterboardingThe CIA has authorized a variety of harsh interrogation techniques to coerce confessions, some considered questionable, leading to different fates of those detained, including death (Ross Brian, and Richard Esposito). One of these techniques is known as waterboarding. Although this may help officials to confessions that are true and deserved, waterboarding should not be allowed due to what John Stifton of the Human Rights Watch with ABC News calls a "mock execution" aspect of it and it could be wrongfully performed on people of innocence (Ross and Esposito). What part of the phrase "mock execution" does not seem like a form of ...view middle of the document...

The subject drowns from the inside, filling with water from the head down. The chest and lungs are kept higher than the head so that coughing draws water up and into the lungs while avoiding total suffocation (Is Waterboarding Torture?).With a topic that brings about so many issues, there is also a lot of confusion that arises. Contrary to popular belief, waterboarding is not: upright or face down dunking, asphyxiation, submersion, slowly dripping water onto a forehead or a simulation (Is Waterboarding Torture?). Upright or face down dunking is not waterboarding because when someone is dunked, the prisoner would be able to hold his/her breath and cancel out the purpose of waterboarding (Is Waterboarding Torture?). While being waterboarded, the inclined position of one's does not allow holding one's breath to stop the upper respiratory tract from filling with water (Is Waterboarding Torture?).Survivors of near-death drowning experiences report that the sensation of suffocation is the most terrifying aspect of the experience and the waterboarding process speeds up these sensations, long before oxygen starvation truly begins (Is Waterboarding Torture?). Waterboarding is often times closely compared to the famous "Chinese Water Torture" techniques used in different Asian countries, but they have been proven to have very prominent differences when compared in Episode 25 of the popular television series, Mythbusters (Is Waterboarding Torture?). Waterboarding is forcing large amounts of water into a prisoner causing choking and gagging, nothing close to a simulation (Is Waterboarding Torture?).Such a treatment, much like any other issue, is a highly and strongly debated topic. Herman Cain and Michele Bachman, whom are both republican politicians stated that they are in support of and would renew the waterboarding policy, which President Barack Obama has banned (Nordgren, Loran). Cain said, "I don't see [waterboarding] as torture. I see if as an enhanced interrogation technique," and other politicians, including Mitt Romney, agree (Nordgren). Bachman sees waterboarding an nothing more than an effective measure of interrogation (Nordgren).On the other hand, politicians Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman and President Barack Obama are completely opposed to the practice of waterboarding and as Paul stated, believe that "[Waterboarding is] really un-American to accept, on principle, that we will torture people that we capture" (Nordgren).Is waterboarding actually an enhanced interrogation technique or is it just torture? As defined by the United Nations Convention Against Torture, torture is "any act by which sever pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person" (Is Waterboarding Torture?). With this definition, a decision whether waterboarding is torture or not can be made depending only on how much pain is inflicted on the person being interrogated (Is Waterboarding Torture?).Anna...

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