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Watership Down Richard Adams The Reflection Combo

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Watership Down, written by Richard Adams, was originally a story created for the author's children during a trip to Straford, which was later on expanded in to a novel. Under the fictional category, this novel does indeed contain many reflections of the modern society, human characteristics and also history. The settings of this novel are all based on real locations in the town of Newbury, located in England. Base of real locations, the book will seem more realistic and more interesting. The rabbits in this novel symbolize human and adventurous actually represents the zoomed out version of our world.The story begins with a notice board that reads, "This ideally situated estate, comprising ...view middle of the document...

Indeed, the decision of the chief rabbit (symbolizing a president of a communalist country), by not listening to Fiver, will cause deaths in his own territory of management.Fiver and Hazel, later on, gathered up a small group of rabbits who are willing to take the advice of Fiver. They move on like a team, going through problems like a team. The action of Hazel in this story shows leadership of a liberal group. He is capable of taking inputs of his group, taking the corresponding action if the group agrees on a suggestion. The way he is chosen to be a leader is all because of his trust and impression to the rabbits which are persuaded by Hazel concerning about the danger. This reflects liberty in a society. Every decision made in liberal country, unlike the communalist country, is all decided upon the will of the citizen, by the use of voting, et cetera.The novel clearly defines the differences between Liberty and Communalism, by reflecting the modern society into the fictional world. Richard Adams reflected no only the society, but also the pages inside a history book. Getting in to the topic of history, how does this book relate to history by any chance? Actually, this book does have ideas from the English history back in the 1600s. When surviving is hard or danger is approaching in an area, the only choice left was to leave and discover new place to live. That is comparable between the voyage of the rabbits and the explorers in the 1600s to discover new land for living.Back in the 1600s, many explorers were sent out by the English empire to discover the western ocean passage to Asia and to discover new land if possible. Their journeys were all very harsh, going through thousands of kilometres on the waving ocean, with possibly storm conditions. This is very similar to the groups of rabbits in the novel, the have the get across the river, through farmland and enemy territories in order for them to discover their new "home". Just the explorers, the group of rabbits landed at a site inside the boundary of another territory, they were instantly attacked. Battles does indeed occur inside this fictional world, just like the...

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