Way Advertisements Shape American Society Essay

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Have you ever notice that no matter where you go there are advertisements handing there trying to be seen and read by people? Advertisements are used by companies to promote certain things like products or services. People are not aware of what advertisements really want, therefore advertisements take advantage of that and shape our society. They persuade people to spend their money, confuse fantasy with reality, and even stop people from thinking by themselves all because they want people's money.
Advertisements are used to persuade people to spend their money on a certain product or service. They take advantage of people's need to manipulate people into buying their product or service. ...view middle of the document...

This quote proves my point that the only thing people check out is the popularity of the brand and not the quality of the product. It's incredible what companies do to persuade people into buying their products or services.
Another strategy companies express in their advertisements is the use of confusing fantasy with reality. Companies work hard in creating their advertisements in order to make people believe in them and their products. As Charles A. O'Neill said in his essay “The Language of Advertising”, “Advertising both reflects and shapes our perception of reality.” Meaning that advertisements play with people's mind and make them see and think what companies want. For example, Television puts on fictional shows that are viewed by the audience as reality shows. In the essay, “Illusions are Forever”, by Jay Chiat, he writes “Nothing represents a bigger threat to truth than reality-based television, in both its lowbrow and highbrow versions--from Survivor to A&E's Biography. The lies are sometimes intentional, sometimes errors, often innocent, but in all cases they are the "truth" of a media-maker who claims to be representing reality”. This quote shows us that television tries to play with our mind by making us believe something is true.
A combination of persuading people to spend money and confusing fantasy with reality results in people not thinking for themselves. Advertisements use many strategy to play with people's mind, but the use of language is very effective. For example, in O'Neill's essay he writes:
If you listen to the Radio, you have undoubtedly heard an ad for “Kars4Kids.” The first verse is sung by a child; and...

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