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Wayne Gretzky Essay

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Wayne Gretzky Not many people can argue that Wayne Gretzky dominated the game every
time he stepped on the ice. No player is rewarded the name, "The Great
One", for no reason, and he has proven that since his first year in
the NHL. Wayne Gretzky is by far, the greatest Canadian hockey player
of all time. He holds the record for the most goals, assists, and
overall points for both the regular season and the playoffs; he has
won over 20 trophies throughout his career, and within his team(s)
brought home four Stanley Cup wins, and three Canadian Cup

Even when he was a tyke, Wayne was playing in leagues several years
older then him and he was still racking in the points. When he was
only 10, he played in his hometown hockey league in Brantford and
parents could see this little boy had a talent. Scoring over 350 goals
and over 100 assists (www.upperde in that single season, it seemed
he would be setting records for the rest of his life. Gretzky played a
very short year of junior hockey, before being drafted into the NHL
where he started his astonishing career and began collecting goals,
assists, and his many unbeatable records. After his rookie year with
the Edmonton Oilers, Wayne had already held a record; "Most assists by
a player in his first NHL season", and more and more followed as he
played out his career. Gretzky holds the most goals in regular seasons
at 894 (, beating
Gordi Howe's record of 801 by almost 100 goals. He also holds the
record for the most assists at a whopping 1,962, and has a total of 61
official records throughout the regular season, playoffs, and all star

All through Gretzky's career he has been winning numerous amounts of
trophies awarded to him by the National Hockey League that millions of
people could only wish of possessing. He has won several different
awards many times over, including ten Art Ross trophies, nine Hart
trophies, two Conn Smythe, and five Lady Byng trophies. Each trophy
has its own trait, or a quality that must be possessed by the player
in order to win them, and Gretzky has definitely proved himself
winning each one of these...

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