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They can change the rules, they can change the equipment, but there are only few who could change the game they play. Wayne Gretzky was one of these few athletes that change the game of hockey forever. There is no one Canadian who had an impact on one particular sport as much as Gretzky had on hockey. Some people may argue Steve Nash is the greatest Canadian sports figure, or even other great Canadian hockey players such as Gordie Howe or Maurice Richard, but all of them had some flaws that Gretzky never had. Steve Nash never played great basketball at the early part of his career, Gordie Howe played for thirty years and his numbers are not even close to Gretzky's, and even though Maurice Richard scored 50 goals in 50 games Gretzky accomplished the same feat in only 39 games. The Greatest Canadian sports figure, no doubt, is Wayne Gretzky because of his qualities on the ice, statistics, and his many other accomplishments.When Wayne Gretzky started playing organized hockey he was only six years old and his teammates and opponents were ten. At the age of sixteen the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds of the Ontario Hockey League signed him and once again his teammates and opponents were four years older then he was. When Gretzky entered the NHL people wondered whether his small stature would be able to keep up with the big boys. He proved every critic wrong. The reason he was so good was because of his qualities and abilities on the ice. Gretzky never had the size to play hockey, but his masterful stick handling and finesse skating abilities separated him from the others. His precision passing and prolific scoring ability made him a complete player. He became the best player on the ice because of his talent and intelligence. He understood the fundamentals of the game and that combined with his high IQ of hockey he always knew what to do. He never folded under pressure rather he rose for the occasion and surpassed playerswhen it mattered. Whenever he was on the ice he knew when to pass, when to shoot or keep the puck a little longer, making him a split second ahead of every other player on the ice. Gretzky was an outstanding passer and a great goal scorer and that resulted in to great statistics.The proof of Wayne...

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1113 words - 4 pages Taught by his father, Walter, Wayne Gretzky was a prodigy. At 6 years old he was skating with 10 year-olds and he scored 378 goals in 85 games. This was when the first story on him was ever published in the Toronto papers. At 14, Wayne played against 20 year-olds where he not only left his hometown to further his career but also escape the jealousy his on-ice achievements often created. His parents made two complete strangers who they had never

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989 words - 4 pages boy who tried to make a difference.Although not as heroic as Terry, Wayne Gretzky is by far one of the best athletes in all of Canadian history. Gretzky dominated the National Hockey League for 20 seasons and can be compared to the likes of Mr. Hockey (Gordie Howe), Maurice "The Rocket" Richard and many more. Gretzky's skill in the NHL was unmatched, his sportsmanship indescribable. Unfortunately for the National Hockey League, on April 16th, 1999

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1342 words - 6 pages the oldest in terms of its origin. This hockey stick was crafted in Ontario, Canada during the late nineteenth century. It was passed down from one generation to another till its most recent owner had the hockey stick appraised and found it was worth an astounding $4,50,000. This stick has been displayed at a bar in Toronto owned by hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. It is stored in the Hockey Hall of Fame. This hockey stick is worth the 4.25 million

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843 words - 3 pages area called the neutral zone; and the attacking zone, which is nearest the opponent's goal. A red centerline also divides the rink into two equal-sized halves. The rink has five face-off circles, one located at center ice and two in each team's defense zone. The hard rubber disk, known as a puck, measures 1” (2.5 cm) thick and 3” (7.6 cm) in diameter. IV. Sports Figure Wayne Gretzky (1961- ), nicknamed The Great One, is the National Hockey

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1741 words - 7 pages go away so he asked his friend, Doug Alward, to take him to a hospital. He later found out that he had lung cancer. In 1980, Terry Fox was awarded the Lou Marsh Trophy as Canada's greatest sportsman of the year. Since its creation in 1936, this annual award is given to a Canadian who has achieved an outstanding athletic accomplishment. It has been bestowed upon many Canadian sports icons, including Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Sidney Crosby, and

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1111 words - 4 pages follow and support, they probably also have a favorite hero on that team. Over the years, many of these sports heroes have been great role models and have exhibited outstanding performances. These Heroes also have held up worthy American code of ethics. Subsequently, there are other players who fit the opposite side of that coin, with corrupt, dishonest, and illegal conduct. Legends such as Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and John Elway have “used

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1114 words - 4 pages very early age the influence they both wanted to make on the world. They formulated these plans in their garages with little funding and chartered their course for success. Jobs were quoted as saying “I skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been (Wayne Gretzky) and we’ve always tried to do that at Apple”. They created a sustainable vision for all in the organisation by describing the ideal future they wanted to create and by also

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