Ways In Which Britain Is Democratic

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Ways in Which Britain is Democratic

The electorate in the United Kingdom have privileges regarding
involvement in their democratic system unlike many other citizens of
the World. In 1867 working class men were first given the right to
vote, followed by the vote for women in 1918, a consequence of the
suffragettes movements. In the twenty-first century the majority of
the British public who are seen as deserving of the right to vote and
have the mental capacity to make the judgement have the right to
participate in local and general elections as well as referenda. This
follows the principle of political equality for all.

Citizens can also join parties (no age restriction), with the possible
aim of representing the views of their arty as well as their
constituents. The barriers for standing in office are not overly
restrictive and with support the role is achievable. This means that
as long as the party is legal they are free to operate. In turn this
offers a wide range of political viewpoints, giving the electorate a
greater choice. As well as making the likelihood of a member of the
electorate to find a representative who is most supportive towards
their views. This also increases the amount of opposition; obviously
any democracy has to consist of a two or more party system. Within
the United Kingdom the political competition for power is very
competitive, electoral campaigns involve over ten million pounds in
excess for Labour with hard hitting campaigns and ensuring that the
electorate are clear of the aims of the parties before the election.

The existence of pressure groups such as green peace is legal and has
support within British society, as so long as what they pressurise
about and the manner in which they go about it is legal. This
encourages decisions to be made appropriately and shows the beliefs
and issues of the members of the pressure groups.

These rights founded in Athens in the fifth century BC are fundamental
to democracy and ensure that any full citizen can be part of Britain’s
political direction. Within Britain the electorate also have the
choice whether to or not to vote, this principle of electoral freedom
also shows how democratic the UK is, with citizens having the choice
whether to vote or not. The ballot is secret so the likelihood of
political corruption is rare, as technically it should not be possible
for the electorates vote to be traced to a particular party. Hence
bribery and blackmail nowadays in society have minimal or no effect on
the outcome of an election.

The large numbers of tiers, which make up the British democratic
system, also shows the level of democracy. Voting is used to elect
local councillors and members of parliament. This form of
representative democracy allows the electorates view to be voiced on a

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