Ways Internet Can Improve A Person's Life.

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What do you think about a computer? You can image a machine that you can use to find information. Even if the information is not stored in that computer, you can still get that information by accessing the Internet. Today, the world seems to be smaller than before. People who live apart from their families don't feel that they are lonely, because they can keep in touch with all the people they know. The Internet has become necessary now like the telephone or television and many people can't live without it. The Internet creates more convenience for a person's life in many ways.First, using the Internet in education gives more convenience. For example, in the WCC's library, the visitors can see many computer stations available to support them. The computers would be useless, if they didn't have Internet access. Visitors can now surf the Internet from public terminals, and can reach the databases of the library. Normally, with Internet access, visitors can connect with other resources also, because it offers the links that they can go through. In the past when we wanted to get one book, we had to look up many index cards, go to many shelves in order to get the book, and read through it .It took a lot of time. Now, thanks to the Internet, you can stay at home, and access a search engine, such as google.com. The only thing you have to do is type the key words. The results will come up just in a few seconds. Sometimes you can copy it to your computer or even read it on the monitor. It is more convenient, and you can save time also.Secondly, using the Internet in communication improves our life, especially since the most common way of communications in the past has changed. We know that communication by mail was very important. During the war, the communication by mail was the only way for the soldiers to keep in touch with their families, but it took a lot of time to deliver letters. The improvement of technology expands communication by many ways, such as telephone and Internet. By using the Internet, we can communicate faster and save money also. For example, using email is the new way to communicate. People still have to use words to express their feelings, except that the responses happen in the real time: what is called in the computer language....

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