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Ways To Deal With Death Essay

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Over the centuries, cultural attitudes towards death have changed. Back then, death is part of life and everybody accepts it no matter the situation, but nowadays individuals are trying there hardest to cancel out what we call death. So that people don’t have to die for reasons that aren’t that big. Back then; anybody could die from simple infections, which could’ve been cured with just a vaccination today. People usually die very quickly because nobody really knows how to attend to the patient because the reason of sickness could not be detected. Lots of people die in their homes back then because the hospitals weren’t somewhere people taught was proper to die in. After death, the ...view middle of the document...

These processes are very expensive too, which boosts up the death care business because people have different choices of ways to pick and bury the loved ones. At Forest Lawn, there were different sections and choices an individual can pick to be buried at or to get there loved ones to be buried at. Individuals or families can choice to be buried outdoor, over or under the ground. Or they could choose to be buried indoors, which cost more than outdoors. Also when getting buried, people can choose different themes for the burial ceremonies. All the extra options also cost lots of money; this is a way for Forest Lawn to make extra money for the business.
The way death is viewed and handled in the United States is defiantly different from the way it is handled in Nigeria. In Nigeria when a loved one dies, the members of the said family comes together and morn the death of the individual and then like 7 days later the family is required by tradition to have a burial ceremony where the person get buried, but instead of being sad and crying everybody is celebrating joyful about the life the person just lived and it’s believed that the celebration would guard the person into Heaven. So with the way death is handled in America, it’s all-new to me because I’m not used to death being handled that particular way. I guess it is a good thing that death is being viewed and handled the way it is because it created business for people and also help boost the country’s economy.
The theory of cumulative disadvantage is about the influences of earlier life experiences on the...

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