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How To Get Customers To Talk About Your Brand

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The best forms of advertisement are actually free, but hard to obtain. Word of mouth is arguably the most effective kind of advertisement—recommendations from friends, funny experiences with a product, blog reviews—they all work. How can you get people talking about your company and brand, though? Here are five ways you can get the conversation started.

1. Be Where They Are

In order to get customers talking about you, they need to see you and find out who you are. If they aren’t coming to you, you better go to them. Head to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Use popular social media platforms to join your audience in their natural habitat. Make your presence known, but don’t be overbearing—use social media channels to listen to your customers, rather than speaking to them. It’s important, of course, to post news and updates to give your fan base something to talk about, but try to make the majority of your posts responses to consumers.

There is another place that you can guarantee your customers frequent—their smart phones. Get your business mobile by creating an app. With a high-quality app, your customers are more likely to connect with your business daily, directly from a handheld device. Your company can literally be in your customer’s pocket. Going mobile puts you with your consumer base, every step of the way.

2. Provide a Sense of Belonging

People like to belong to something, whether it’s a culture, movement, club, or ideology. Brands that can provide belonging get people talking. For example, Nike gear gives customers a pass into the athletic crowd, people who enjoy physical activity and competition. Just go online and you, too, can be part of a community who shares their latest running route and workout goals. When customers feel involved, they’ll invite their friends to join as well.

Don’t forget, though—everyone wants to belong, but they also want it to be exclusive. Give your brand an air of exclusivity and privilege, but without being snobbish. When Pinterest was first launched, you had to essentially apply and gain approval to become a member of the pinning community. This seemingly exclusive site made users feel unique and privileged, inspiring brand conversation.

3. Break the Rules

In an overcrowded market with identical companies and services, you have to stand out from the crowd to get noticed. What better way than to break the rules? Every company who follows the same guidelines looks the same to most consumers, so make your own way in the business world, and do something different.

Make your company a clearly superior alternative to other run-of-the-mill companies by providing a similar service...

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