How To Get More Likes On Facebook Page?

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Shortcuts or tricks always experimented by the SEO industry experts for quick success. Getting higher ranking in search engines and fair ROI (Return On Investment) is now stressing both business owners and inbound marketers. Frequent search engine algorithm updates and challenging market condition created this rush. Social media proved itself as the best resource for acquiring better ROI as well as persuading brand awareness. Social media king Facebook is now being targeted by the inbound marketers for getting their work done. Yes, FB likes and shares have more significance in higher SERP ranking as well as provide quality traffic and backlinks.

How to Get More Likes on Facebook?

It is one of the most googled queries by the inbound marketers, and Google has over 7 billion results for this. With more likes and shares the brand expands the chance of being familiar among the 1.5 billion active users of Facebook. The increased numbers of fans, likes or shares simultaneously raises the engagement, reach and sales also. You will find an effectual list of tips and tricks on getting more Facebook fans or likes on your fan page, in the following paragraphs.

1. Trim your Facebook Page: Create or redesign your Facebook Page (fan-page) professionally. You can take help from the graphic designers for the cover photo, content writing firms for better text and video contents. For designing a ‘likeable’ fan-page, considered as the landing page, likable arrangement is vital. Provide complete and accurate information over there so that the fans or budding visitors trust on you before hitting the Like button or following your feeds.

2. Build Audience: Move your mouse pointer towards the upper right corner of the ‘Admin Panel’ of the Facebook page and click on Build Audience dropdown menu. From there you can invite your friends and known people (saved in the email contacts) to like your fan-page. Also below the messages or side of the insights you can find a list of your Facebook friends...

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