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How To Get Your Work In The Future ?

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This report introduces the changes in the workplace recent year and the changes how to affect the skills which workers will require in the future. It also reminds how to improve your personal skills to adapt these changes.How to get your work in the future ?In recent years, there is a big change made some people more valuable and secure than ever. What makes the difference? New research by economists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University concludes that the key factor is whether a job can be "routinized," or broken down into repeatable steps that vary little from day to day. Some jobs that ate highly compensated today could soon be routinized. Powerful computers, advanced software, and speedy communications have vastly increased the vulnerability of routine work. Coy, Peter.(2004).The job in the future require flexibility, creativity, and lifelong learning. They generally also require subtle and frequent interactions with other people, often face to face. And clearly, the growing importance of nonroutine work increases the value of education. Coy, Peter.(2004).This change effects the skills which workers will require in the future deeply. According to NCVER(2003), There is a high demand for generic skills in the workplace. Employers seek to ensure business success by recruiting and retaining employees who have a variety of skills and personal attributes, as well as technical skills. Individuals also need a range of generic skills to form and maintain family and community relationships. There is no one definitive list of generic skills; instead ,there are a number of lists. Collectively, the lists have six common elements:Basic /fundamental skills--such as literacy, using numbers, using technologyPeople-related skills--such as communication, interpersonal, teamwork, customer-service skillsConceptual /thinking skills--such as collecting and organizing information, problem-solving, planning and organizing, learning-to-learn skills, thinking innovatively and creatively, systems thinkingPersonal skills and attributes--such as being responsible, resourceful, flexible, able to manage own time, having self-esteemSkills related to the business world--such as innovation skills, enterprise skillsSkills related to the community--such as civic or citizenship knowledge and skills NCVER(2003).The generic skills are important because jobs today require flexibility, initiative and the ability to undertake many different tasks. They are not as narrowly prescribed and defined as in the past and generally they are more service oriented, making information and social skills increasingly important. NCVER(2003).Employers now focus on adaptation, cost reduction, increased productivity, and new markets, products and services. Employees need to demonstrate teamwork, problem-solving, and the capacity to deal with non-routine processes. They should also be able to make decisions, take responsibility and communicate effectively. Proficiency in the...

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