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Ways To Improve The U.S. Education System

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Although the United States is one of the most highly industrialized nations in the world, students in many other industrialized nations are outperforming U.S. students in various academic areas. As a result, the U.S. has implemented standard-based reform, and its educational costs have soared. No longer are American graduates competing with each other for jobs, in the present global economy, they also are competing with graduates from other industrialized nations, many of whom are preforming at higher academic levels in reading, math, science, and problem solving as measured by their performance on the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) (“FactSheet”1-2). The PISA is an ...view middle of the document...

S. education system. Qualifications for these teachers would require extra academic learning in specific areas and full state certification to prove they know each subject matter. NCLB defined a highly qualified teacher as, "having a bachelor's degree, full state certification as defined by the state and a demonstrated competency as defined by the state, in each core academic subject he or she teaches.” (Alters 1) Also these teachers should be motivated to encourage students to excel and learn themselves as well. Hiring skilled teachers will improve the U.S. education system because even students from rural and urban areas will have the same competent teachers who will have more years of specialized training and learning. Therefore, each student will have the same advantage to learn the curriculum to the best of their knowledge. In order to help students achieve, it is necessary that each student in each class is instructed by a highly qualified teacher.
In addition to hiring highly qualified teachers, a way to improve the U.S. education system is for schools to provide additional opportunities for parent involvement. Parents should be involved in all aspects of the students learning experience. Teachers should be open to communicate with parents through parent teacher conferences which would allow parents to be proactive in assisting with any student difficulties in learning certain subject matter. By providing current progress reports of the students’ performances, teachers can inform parents of where the students could use extra outside help in addition to attendance in the classroom. Parent teacher clubs should be organized to maintain a good relationship among the parents and teachers. The Virginia Department of Education offers advices to improving student achievement and outcomes through parent involvement by, “Encourage parents to get involved with volunteering in their child's school by inviting them to, read to classes, help with testing and classroom monitoring needs, be guest speakers, chaperone events and field trips, and work with students to help plan events for fundraisers, field days, and curriculum-related events.” (Virginia 5). Additional parent involvement will improve the educational system because the parents will be more involved in overseeing the progress of their children and be able to help the students achieve the best education experience they can.
Besides hiring highly qualified teachers and providing...

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