Wbs 4810 Continuing Professional Development Essay

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Structured Programme Agreement

WBS 4810, Programme Planning

1. Proposed Award Title:

MSc Work Based Learning Studies (Website Design and Programming)

2. Rationale for Proposed Specialised Work / Practice Title

This WBS title award is consistent with my current role as the Worldskills UK Project leader and a lecturer of Developing Websites and creating event-driven computer programs within my organization. Most significantly, it is of a personal interest because it will significantly increase my expertise to the advantage of both my students and my organization.

The coursework and final project will require me to develop essential teaching and learning skills for web design and creating event driven computer programs. I am confident that the project will give me in-depth understanding of Web Design and Programming thinking and will make me more aware of the highly developed concepts of IT.

3. Overview of the Programme Context and Learning Requirements

I currently work as a lecturer in the College of North West London in the Faculty of Computing, Maths, Business and Science (CoMBs), within the faculty I work under the School of Computing and Business. Some of my responsibilities are preparing learning materials, teaching Web Design and Programming units, which involves Developing Multimedia and creating computer programs. This course will help me develop the necessary skills to be able to support learners based on their individual needs, develop Combined SOW and Planner for each unit to be prepared and printed for learners as part of their course handbook as hard copies, those course handbook and other material will also be available to students, team members and course leaders as electronic copies on Moodle under the relevant courses such as Diploma in IT level 3.

My research will enable me to build up and improve the Day-to-day planning for the delivery of the Websites and Programming units include linking Worldskills Projects to the Websites Design, Programming and other vocational units, this will promote Worldskills projects and also ensure that they are related and meaningful to the learners. This will also help to raise the standards of teaching and learning in the Faculty and share good practice across the School of IT.

I will make sure that as part of my role as a lecture and Worldskills UK project leader to work closely with Managers, Course Team Leaders which will ensure consistent curriculum delivery of both Websites Design and Programming units across the School and Faculty but also the Computing Faculty.

4. Programme Aims

My MSc in work based learning programme/award will enable and more qualify me to teach on our Higher Education and Foundation courses that we run in the college in partnership with Middlesex and Reading Universities. Also will enable me improve my knowledge and skills in monitoring and preparing candidate students for the Worldskills UK competitions in Web Design and Programming. The programme will...

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