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Character Analysis In We All Fall Down By Eric Walters

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A character that was admirable in the novel “we all fall down” is John. John is the father of Will who is the main character, they spend nearly the entire story together looking for a way out of the world trade center during the 9/11 attacks. During the story you learn that John is very smart, brave, and respected. These are all characteristics which play a crucial role in saving lives such as his co-workers and a random lady they find on the way named ting, but mainly in the ending John and Will successfully escape.

Some of the moments during the story that show how smart John is, would be when Will, and all readers, learn that John is the vice president of his office in the world trade center, which makes him the 2nd most important person in the company, which does different types of trading including stocks, which they trade millions of dollars worth at once, the company also is involved in trading random goods. Aside from being the vice president John is also the fire marshal of the entire floor, which gives him the duty of calling out fire hazards, announcing escape plans, etc.. not a job that just anyone could have the knowledge to do. A way his knowledge is shown after the attacks is that he discovers alternate escape routes of the world trade center for himself and Will, then Ting later in the book. At one point in the story Will even asks his dad about going down a certain stairwell saying “shouldn’t we be going that way where everyone else is going” and Johns reply is “No that’s the south side of the building where the plane hit, we need to go to the stairwell furthest from the point of impact”.

The situation that John and Will are in forces them to show lots of Bravery, and John keeps will positive the entire time, no matter how bad things look, especially when he discovers it was a terrorist attack, he keeps his poise and instantly goes back to working on an escape from the tower. Every time they get caught at a point where there’s a fire, or too much damage to get through, John...

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