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We All Fall Down Essay

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I smashed the table in a fit of rage; years of anger had piled up in me and now I had enough. My father looked as though he had seen a ghost, never had he experienced this, nor never had I been the one for disobedience or malice (as my father’s friends would call it) but enough was enough. I walked out with my back to those at the table, the floor creaked and cracked as I walked to the doorway, I turned around and at that moment I fell free. I looked my father straight in the eye and said;
“Father I respect you as a man, you taught me well, you taught to be happy for the fortune that I had and you taught me to be obedient, I respect you for that, but you also made me see the differences in ...view middle of the document...

Today was October 19, 1949; ten days ago the Yankees had won the World Series by beating the Brooklyn Dodgers four to one to capture their 12th World Series championship in 26 years, my father used to love baseball but now he didn’t even mention it but that’s not what surprised me the most. For the first time in as long as I can remember my father did not go visit my mother. I remember thinking with fear that on that day my father had changed. I remember feeling afraid of the man he was becoming.
School was never about having fun for me, it was always about getting good grades, studying constantly, and living to the expectations of perfection my father had. I went to Bishop Loughlin Memorial High-school; it was a great school with great teachers who always did guide to that path of perfection that my father always insisted I follow. My favorite teacher was Mr. Bryan, my math teacher; I always did wonder how he made such a difficult class easy to understand and at times even fun. I also enjoyed poetry and all the joys that came with it, the rhyming of it, and the way that a simple poem could save a life. I enjoyed thinking that one day I would save somebody’s life through a poem or a book.
My father took up my love for math with much more pleasure then he did my love for poetry and writing. He wanted me to study business at the School of Business, Finance, and Entrepreneurship that was in Brooklyn and then I would help run the company and it would just be me and him, like he would always say;
“Father and son together” and he then would put his arm around my shoulders and just nod and I would just nod back in approval like the obedient son I had always been, though deep down inside I was growing afraid of my father. I was afraid that if one day I decided to create my own path, instead of following that path my father had already created, my world would unravel and I would disappoint my father. My father also insisted that when the time came for me to find a wife that I would not forget where I came from and who I was. I never thought that would be an issue when I was growing up, to me girls were not a problem, and I was positive that when the time came I would choose a girl that my father would approve. At the end of the day all I wanted was to make my father proud and be the man that he wanted me to be.
I remember that day, November 29, 1949, because it was very cold day. The...

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