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We All Fall Down Nic Sheff Essay

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Teen Choices Literature Review- AddictionIndexSection 1: 3Section 2: Descent into 4Section 3: Turning 5Section 4: 6Section 5: Take 7IntroductionIn his memoir Tweak, Nic Sheff took readers on an impassioned roller-coaster ride through his crystal meth and heroin addiction. Now in this potent follow-up about his continued efforts to stay clean, Nic writes directly about his eye-opening stays at rehab centers, tragic relapses, and realizations about what it means to be a young person living with addiction. During the start of the book, We all Fall Down: Living with Addiction, Nic Sheff was 23 years old. He never really had a living because he started using drugs early in his life. In 2009, Nic worked at a coffee shop while trying to stay sober. Eventually, he had to quit because of how badly he embarrassed himself while on the job (this was due to the amount of drugs and alcohol he consumed). This book followed a few of Nic Sheff's years of living with addiction. The book We all Fall Down: Living with addiction, took place in a few different states. For the most part, Nic was in Arizona (for a rehabilitation center), South Carolina (living with his second girlfriend in the book), and LA California. He traveled from one rehabilitation to the next until he decided not to attend anymore.Descent into AddictionNic Sheff started smoking weed at twelve years old. He didn't think it would lead to an addiction of harder drugs. Once he started using harder drugs (heroin and crystal meth) he destroyed his relationship with his dad and damaged his relationship with his mom. He was out living alone with his addicted girlfriend, Zelda. He didn't keep in contact with family. His dad just paid the bills for his treatment but was deeply disappointed in his son. Nic didn't ever get to see his younger siblings so they grew up without their brother in their lives. He couldn't have a committed relationship with a female. He made poor decisions and hurt his girlfriends that he had during the time period of the book.Nic started using so much that he couldn't feel normal without drugs. At one point, if he didn't shoot up heroin at least three times during a day he couldn't function normally. Without the abuse of drugs he didn't feel comfortable...

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