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We All Seem To Know It When We Feel It

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What is love? Not just the emotion and the feelings that a person feels, but what it is exactly. Is it just a feeling that is in a humans' heart? Does love even come from the heart or is it a chemical reaction in the brain that makes a lover think that? When it comes to love there are so many questions that can be asked, but why does love even matter? With a better understanding of love, a partaker of love is better equipped to handle everything that goes with it. With this better understanding a person will be able to love others, themselves, and the world they live in. Opening your heart to love is not something to be afraid of, but to embrace and is supposed to be the easiest thing to do. In other words, love will help you survive.
The love that is being mentioned today is not a physical love, although this paper is not fully excluding it. What will be talked about today is the triangle that makes up love; passion, intimacy, and commitment. Passion is the feeling when one will do any action for that special person without a second thought. When a lover will put the lovie before their own self in life. Commitment is one that some would be most common with, and that is to know whatever one would say to their lovie they mean. The lover is truthful, honest and open to that person with all their secrets because they trust them. Lastly, there is intimacy, and that is best described as when you are vulnerable and let your guard down to a person. It is also when one is curious about that special individual. It is when one wants to know everything there is to know about them because they care about them and want them to be safe with their every being around said lover. When one wraps all these things to gather into the love cocktail, they quite simply care about them, they are in love with them.
One of the first parts to know about love and to have an understanding about love, is to know where it comes from. Love is often associated with the heart, but that is not where the true feeling of love comes from. Yes, that is where someone in love feels love but it doesn't start from there. Love comes from the brain and the chemical reactions that are happening inside. In an article on /how stuff works/ by LeeAnn Obringer, science shows that when in love your brain produces high amounts of dopamine and norepinephrine. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that produces the feeling of bliss and norepinephrine is a chemical similar to adrenaline. When these two chemicals are combined in just the right manner they produce intense energy, sleeplessness, craving, and focused attention (Obringer). This chemical reaction makes the said lover feel happier longer and over more things, as well as makes fewer things bother or upset him/her. For example, if a person in love versus a person who is not both get the same good grade on a test, the person in love is going to be even more happy with it. Now the same example, only a bad grade, the individual in love will...

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