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We All Want To Be Accepted

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Nadine Gordimer's "Once upon a Time" denotes the notion of living life sequestered from the remainder of mankind due to the alarm of danger. The plot concentrates on a family who retains a lifestyle infused with complete contentment. After the "wise old witch", the mother of the husband, cautions the family to not receive any individuals from the streets, the husband and wife advance to more severe methods to conserve their welfare for themselves and their child against evildoers. In the end the family ultimately creates their own calamity. Anything that reaches extremes will eventually produce disaster. Furthermore, as individuals we should not obtain a lifestyle that constructs under the ...view middle of the document...

The intensity of their terror of becoming a victim of a catastrophe detaches them from the rest of mankind. Coming to the end of the story, the reader encounters a shocking twist. The husband and wife’s adored son becomes infatuated with the tale of the courageous prince, who saves the angelic sleeping beauty. As the little boy embraces the role of the prince, he innocently progresses up the ladder and in through the jagged coils, his flesh is consumed with each encounter of the spikes. The structure that is built with the sole purpose of providing protection for the family ultimately causes the son's demise.
When an individual proceeds through life living by the outlook of others, they live foolishly simply because they do not possess their own personal perspective and experiences. Gardeners story communicates an ideal example, which denotes the concept of living by blind belief. The context of this captivating story establishes throughout the period of the apartheid in South Africa, a time of disunion between whites and blacks among the other races of color. The apartheid’s purpose exists in constructing and conserving a white race. In the story, the family is ‘living happily ever after” when the “wise old witch’ exhorts the family, stating “For when they began to live happily ever after they were warned, by that wise old witch, the husbands...

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