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We Are All Equal In Canada, No Matter Our Sexuality

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          Gay, lesbian, heterosexual, homosexual, transgender, means we should all be treated equally. We are all humans of the same race and deserve a right to freedom. Which means we should be able to choose who we want to marry. Love is a powerful word and as well as marriage,. They both contradict eachother. Some say if you are in love you do not need to be legally married to show it. Others may say opposite. But the questions that many ask is should same sex marriges be aloud in Canada? My answer to this question is yes. Society is equal so people should be treated equally.
          Canada is known for using equality in its Constitution since John Diefenbaker. He was the 13th prime minister of Canada and he established the Canadian Bill of Rights. He introduced the Bill of Rights on August 20, 1960. The Rights included that any women and man had the right to Freedom of speech and freedom of religion (now in Section 2 of the Charter) .  He also included that in Section 15 of the Bill of Rights that everyone had equality rights male or female. Under section 15 he includes racial equality and sexual equality. In its correspondence, it has played a mnajor right in gay rights in Canada. These rights are were and are gaurenteed to "Every individual,". During the start of 1987 Trudeau officially legalized gay rights. Pierre Trudeau, then Canada's Minister of Justice, introduces an Omnibus Bill to overhaul Canada's criminal laws, which includes decriminalizing of  homosexual acts. Trudeau famously tells reporters, "There's no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation," and "What’s done in private between two consenting adults doesn’t concern the Criminal Code."[2] After 18 months of debate, the bill becomes law in 1969.
          Thanks to our former primeministers gay rights are now legalized in Canada and without them legalizing gay right, same sex marriages would have probably not been legalized. Finally on July 10th of 2005 Paul Martin passed the C-38 Bill and same-sex marriges were finally legalized. The Same Sex marriage act was legalized under the Civil Marrge Act. This was Bill was called the C-38 Bill.
          Same Serx marriges are now officially legalized in Canada and I feel sociaty has made a good chouice for the C-38 bill to be set in action. I feel all couples homosexual, or not, should be able to enjoy a life fullfilled with one another. No matter what, man or women, we are all equal and no one should be denied ownership and medical decision-making. If you think about homosexuality logically, we are all people of the same race and we all came from God. Therefore God gave us the right of freedom and no matter who you love or who you are with. God will still love you. Same-sex Marriages are a go in Canada because no one should be denied we are all equal as citizens.
          Same –Sex marriages are good to show society and people that everyone is treated equally in Canada. We now have the gay pride parades and many...

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