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We Are All One People. This Is An Essay About How It Doesn't Matter Who You Are Or What You Think You Are, That When Tragedy Happens We Are All The Same.

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We Are All One PeopleIt was a beautiful fall day and all was well with the world. I shouldsay it was all well in my world. I soon would find that all was not well with the world as a whole. I work with a large mental health corporation and was in Louisville, Kentucky, September 11, 2001, at a conference. This was a day that we would all remember, but especially me. This was the day I would find out that "we are all one people".I had gone to the Fall Seasonal for the Department of Mental Health, in Louisville, Kentucky. The seasonal training was called "Our Strengths". We had gone to this training to explore the strengths of our society as a whole and to explore the lives of those around us.We had been in our first session for about an hour, when someone walked into our room and whispered something to the Psychologist that was lecturing at the time. She then proceeded to tell us that there had been a plane that had went into the Twin Towers in New York.We walked quietly out into the corridors where the hotel had put up one television hanging from the upper corner. There was such a silence over the room. People had started rushing around and calling their families. They wanted to let them know that they were all right due to the Southern Governor's Convention and the Vice President being at the airport that was very close to our hotel. I noticed the long lines of people waiting for a phone.A reporter then said that a plane had gone into the Pentagon and that one was on its way to the White House. This is when I noticed the difference in the room starting to shift. I noticed all...

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