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Jessica YoungCMST 210June 18, 2014"The most important thing about communication is hearing what isn't said." (Peter Drucker) Throughout this quarter, I was pushed above and beyond my limits of comfort to talk about interpersonal relationships and how I communicate within them. Looking back at some of the goals that were included in the personal goals handout, they were very similar to my own goals that I set at the beginning of the quarter. Those goals were being able to stand tension and conflict, letting others know when I am getting irritated, and lastly, being forceful and definite rather than hesitant and apologetic. I would also like to go into detail about how I plan on effectively using the material learned in this class in order to reach these goals.The first goal that I set for myself was to be able to face tensions and conflict. For as long as I can remember I have always done everything in my power to avoid any kind of conflict. This resulted into my personality being a "people pleasing" one. I always did what anyone asked of me as long as it meant that they wouldn't be mad at me. So while going through this quarter I learned more about my conflict style. I learned that I was under the category of avoidance. I knew from the beginning that was obviously the category that I would fall under from the way that I had handled conflicts in the past. The more I read about this certain type of conflict style, I realized that I didn't have all the traits that were being described. I continued on with the chapter to see what other conflicts styles I could fall under. The one that I feel like I also could relate to is the conflict style of accommodation. The traits that I think I related to the best that fell into the category was the fact that the person in a conflict with this trait was willing to give up their side or their opinion in order to make sure that the conflict doesn't escalate. After reading the material, I realize now that this is something that I am going to have to deal with. Now that I have a better understanding, in the future I hope to realize when I'm falling to this weakness and am able to stand up for myself and what I think.The second goal that I had set for myself this quarter was letting people know when I am getting irritated. When I had a family member and my boyfriend fill out the personal goal sheet, I was surprised to find that they had both answered the same thing about this goal. I am not one to let my irritation show towards other people. After seeing this, I got to thinking about how I handle this and what I usually do is hide the irritation when it first boils and continue to do so until I have so much pent up anger that I eventually snap at one slightly wrong event. Even though I try to let things go, it's always been something that is easier said than done. A way that I have come up with to solve this issue, even though it make take a little while to fully commit to it, would be to take a some time to clear...

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