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We Are Not Afraid Of The Dark

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We are afraid of the dark, not of the dark itself but of the things that come along with it, and as though our captors have sensed this fear, the room is as black and icy as a winter night, and it wreaks of death and decay. Our bodies are splattered in a non-smelling liquid that causes the soft carpet were on to cling to our skin, moaning and weeping have slowed until almost inaudible. The first day the room was filled with screaming and begging, but now 5 days later it’s nearly quiet except for the agony of the people that have struggled and slowly are bleeding out.
I feel my body going to dust in my own feces, and I know the others must be the same. When we have to make a bowel movement ...view middle of the document...

I love horror movies, If I only had known.
I heard a car coming this way and I was quick to look, the car was a 2007 Honda Accord, “that must be mom looking for me”, I thought. I waved her down and she pulled up and I hopped into the car. “Sorry, Mom, I didn’t know that Josie wasn’t going to take me home or I would have called. I thought you were working?” That was when I realized that the driver I had gotten into the car with was not, in fact, my mother but a stranger. I quickly opened the door screaming trying to get out, just to get away, fighting and scratching to the best of my abilities, but I couldn’t he had me by the hair pulling me back, someone had hit my eye and I screamed even louder, all I could think about was getting away, I can do it. That’s when someone else reached around and put a cloth over my mouth, I tried to fight it away knowing what it was- I’ve seen this too many times in horror movies, but I wasn’t strong enough and that was the last thing I remember before I lost consciousness and woke up here.
I listen to someone weep, and wail for their family members, I hear “let me see her just once more, good lord, and I will come to you with open arms”. I laugh at this, “good lord” I thought to myself, “if there was a good lord would he have let this happen to innocent people?” At this moment, though, I am motivated to get up and not lay here amuck waiting for the “good lord” to save us. We have to help ourselves because if we don’t were going to die here.
“Who is in here?” I ask out to the people around me, “What are your names?” For a moment the weeping stops, and one small voice comes out.
“I- Josie Blackwood, who are you?” I am struck with relief at this, having someone I know here, someone who I can trust. I sob for only a moment, before calling back out to her.
“Josie, its Kiley” I hear her cry, realizing there has to be a connection between us. I ponder on this for a moment, and then it hits me, Josie hadn’t come to get me at practice at 7:30 so she had been abducted sometime before that and between 4:00.
“We have to get out of here, Kiley. I don’t know how we’ll do it, but we have to”. I know, but how? Were bound so tightly, and in such bad conditions. How do we get out of here alive?
“I know there’s someone else here. Please”- before I can finish the lights all come on at once in the room and I am temporarily blinded.
I hear a loud creaking noise, followed by footsteps and when I feel the presence of someone cutting the wires and I am quick to try and grab their feet and hurl myself toward where the sound had originated. I see the hint of light but I am hurled back into the room, and slung to the ground. I regain my stance and hurl myself again but all I feel is the hard metal of a door, against my face.
“Ahhh! You cannot, and will not keep me in here” I scream, almost growl, “I will get out and when I do I will make you all pay for this!” I bang my fists on the door, ignoring any pain I felt, or at least tried....

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