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We Can Prevent Global Warming Essay

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We Can Prevent Global Warming
Global warming has been a hot topic for generations. Questions like, "Is it natural or man-made?", "What is causing it?", and "How can we reduce it?", have stumped scientists and engineers. Most people think that reducing global warming means having to buy expensive "green" contraptions or driving electric cars (which can be dangerous due to their small size, and can take hours to charge). Those would be great things to do to reduce our impact on global climate change, but unfortunately, in our current economic state, most people don't have that kind of money. Fortunately, there are effective and cost-efficient ways to reduce global warming and live a ...view middle of the document...

Things like factories, transportation, electricity energy, and agriculture/cattle ranches cause those emissions of greenhouse gases. If too many greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere, too much heat will become trapped and the earth’s temperature will rise. Since the use of the aforementioned have become more frequent, the parts per million (ppm) of atmospheric greenhouse gases have risen too.
The negative effects of this rise is frightening, and may start affecting the planet very soon. When the planet warms, glaciers and polar ice caps melt too quickly causing a rise in sea level. The increased rate of melting of glaciers also could deplete clean water because 80% of all the people on Earth depend on the run-off from glaciers. The rise in sea level floods coast lines, destroying homes and buildings along the coast, and filling streets with water. This could force cities to become so overpopulated that diseases may start to spread quickly. With the water shortage and the extreme heat, human deaths by dehydration and disease could become more common. If people don’t start to take action to reduce global warming, this could soon become the world we live in.
Thankfully though, this will only happen if we continue consuming and polluting as much as we do today. You may have heard of "Energy Star" products or homes. “Energy Star” homes are certified to use 15 to 30% less energy than those that are not Energy Star certified. Energy Star certified products, like computers, water heaters and refrigerators, can also help reduce harm on the environment. They meet strict guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure their effectiveness. An Energy Star certification requirement is that the product must otherwise operate as well, if not better, than the same type of product, without a certification. Energy Star certified products are also guaranteed to "...use less energy, save money, and help protect the environment." Most of the products that are Energy Star don’t cost any more money than a product that is not certified, but replacing your appliances can be expensive. Over time, there are inexpensive green things you can do to both protect the environment and save the money you need to become even more green. These things are easy and most require little or almost no extra effort.
Recycling, for example, is easy and can help you save. By recycling things like paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum, we can eliminate our effect on landfills. In a lifetime, an American throws away approximately 90,000 pounds of trash, and every day, the U.S. alone throws away enough trash to fill 63,000 garbage trucks. When we recycle, we can eliminate up to half the trash that would've otherwise ended-up in landfills. Landfills contain decaying wastes that give off the greenhouse gases, CO2 and CH4. Also, by taking a quick stop while at the grocery store to return & recycle your bottles and cans, you get cash back...

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