We Cant Auto Correct Humanity Northern Secondary School, English 12th U Persuasive Essay

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We can’t autocorrect humanity
Do you think your phone is controlling you? Has your phone ever died and you felt like a part of you was gone and you couldn’t wait to get home and charge it? If you’ve answered yes to one of these questions then you might have a Social Media addiction. Social Media is an expanding addiction of teens and possibly adults. It is easy to access, and even easier to stay and keep swiping for an extra 30 minutes. They will always come out with a new iphone and almost make you buy it. There are many disadvantages to cell phones, teens procrastinating many tasks, being addicted, distracted, antisocial, focused on popularity and unaware of the expenses.
Teenagers of this day think that they are only popular if they have lots of ‘’ likes ‘’ and ‘’ followers ‘’. But the more time they spend on their mobile devices the less time they are actually socializing with people in the real world. They tend to take pictures of every meal they have before of eating them, because they have to show all their followers that they are eating something good. Cell phones claim to connect us but in reality the connection has gotten no better. A Youtuber Prince Ea said that Mr Zuckerberg should re-classify facebook to what it actually is, an anti-social network. Many teens procrastinate tasks while playing on their phones during the day. They also have a tremendous deprivation of sleep and this could cause bad grades in school, and cell phones have been a great influence on staying up late.
Poll says - 50% of teens and 27% of parents feel they’re addicted to their mobile devices. Even in class, you’re always one click away from your favorite game/app. While driving, drivers still are likely to answer text and calls while driving. Cell phones give you less time to think about and do important tasks. It fills your brain with shenanigans it doesn’t need. Did you know, a person can spend more than 4 years of their life looking down at their cell phones? Researchers from a Chicago University concluded that social media addiction can be stronger than addictions to cigarettes and booze. Cell phones can be very distracting from more...

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