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We Choose To Go To The Moon

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On September 12, 1962 ‘We Choose to Go to the Moon’ was a magnificent, nearly eighteen minute long speech delivered by the heroic president of the United States Of America, John F. Kennedy, he was a courageous human being who had the confidence to take decisions in very little time which paved the way for Unites States Of America to be a world leader today. He stands neck to neck with one of the most renowned presidents ever, Abraham Lincoln. The speech displayed the power of American technology and their passion to stay a world leader. The speech was not only delivered to the 1000’s of Americans present that day in Rice University but to the Entire Globe. It was a message for the World.
Today when we talk about “We Choose to Go to the Moon” speech, we don’t only recall the message the president wanted to deliver to the world but we recognize the immense power of the speech which has made it live in people’s hearts till date and will continue to do so for hundreds of years coming. The speech started with a famous quote by William Bradford. This is a very powerful opening as he grabbed the audience’s attention at once without wasting time. The strong and dominant words and phrases used by the president in his speech really keep the audience’s attention grabbed and gives a life to the speech. “We mean to be a part of it--we mean to lead it” these words proved to be a showcase for the authority and command United States of America has over the other nations. Very openly John F. Kennedy stated his country’s social and political prominence. The line also gave the already proud citizens of the nation more faith in their country and gave them reasons to believe that they were at the top of the world. The speech was about the country’s target in the voice of a man who will always be remembered in history. The key message in the speech is Americas target to reach the moon before anyone else does. The President describes their target as another milestone his country needs to cover and then not stop there but move further ahead in space exploration. He says “We shall not see space filled with weapon of mass destruction, but with instruments of knowledge”, this is a turn in the speech. In the beginning of the speech the president portrays not just the idealized America but also the reality in very straight forward and convincing words but now he talks about the bigger picture and what his and his nation’s views are on this issue. He argued very eagerly and passionately to his nation’s goal to be the first one to reach the Moon so that they can keep up to their vow of protecting the space and only utilizing it for research purposes.
The speech thrilled the audience. The core of the speech was towards the end where the main theme of reaching the Moon was carried on to. The president said “We choose to go to the Moon”, twice. This is a modern day technique used in English called anaphora. This had a very strong impact on the audience. The man showcased...

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