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I Don't Think These Feel Right...

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I slip my feet in a new pair of Nike sneakers, and try and get a feel for what they are like. My feet are supposedly a size ten and a half. “These are nice, but not what I’m looking for.” My mom chimes is, “Ok, let’s try these. These are cool right? You kids like these don’t you?” She hands me a pair of no-arch Adidas Sambas. Still a size ten and a half. I pop off the other shoes and grip the edges of the shoes as I try and shove them on. The shoes glide on with an odd sense of ease. “They are way too big. I can’t walk without my heel springing out.” Mom says, “It says they are a ten and a half.”
“Well they sure don’t feel like it.”
“Ok, try these.” She hands me a painfully narrow pair of black and white Pumas. I look at them, then at my mother, then back at the pair of shoes. I can almost feel the agonizing squeeze of the narrow, leather/cloth-laden shoes just by looking at them. I suck in a breath and begin the shoe donning process. I couldn’t get them on. No matter which way I tugged or pulled, I just couldn’t get them to slide onto my wide feet. You know what can have the same kind of process? Looking for a suitable college.
So it’s my junior year, and I know college is just around the corner of life. I’ve started to look at possible colleges that may decide my life. Though, buying shoes won’t decide your fate, college can. Visiting a college is like trying on shoes. There can be a really small school, though still decently populated, and still look great on the outside. Then when you go and visit the school to see what it’s like, you may never want to see anything like it again. It can just rub you the wrong way, just like you pinky toe in a pair of narrow shoes.
Or I can visit a gargantuan school, like Texas A&M, and feel like fish egg in an ocean. Texas A&M has nearly “47,000 students” ( enrolled. The place could be absolutely what I need, but it’s just so gosh dang massive, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself! Hundreds and hundreds of courses, many of which can be incredibly enticing, making an indecisive person like myself even more indecisive. You can be swimming in that huge...

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