We Were Asked To Compare A Capitalist Government/Society To A Communist Government/Society.

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Capitalism vs. CommunismHere in Canada, we live under a conservative government lead by Stephen Harper. In our society, we must work for our money, the more we work, the more money we will make, and the more money, the more we will be able to buy what we want and need. If we lived in a capitalist country, the situation would be quite similar. However, if we lived in a communist country, no matter how hard we worked or what employment we would have, we would be paid the same amount as everyone else would. In a capitalist country, people make their own decisions, meanwhile in a communist country; the government makes our decisions for us. A capitalist government is a much better economic system because there is no lack of restrictions compared to a communist government.Capitalism is an economic system, in which the means of production are privately owned and operated for profit, decisions regarding investments of capital are privately made, and where production, distribution, and the prices of goods, labours, and services are affected by the forces of supply and demand in a largely free market. It emphasises the importance of a free-market for the movement and accumulation of capital. Capitalism is measured through class analysis. This includes the class structure of society, and the relations between labour and the capital class. In capitalist economies, people may study for a specific job or function that they are suited for and this would mean that each function has a different obligation in society. Therefore having different obligations and responsibilities means that people cannot be economically equal, because the more obligations and responsibilities a person has, the more they should be rewarded. With capitalism, people may chose to make significant amounts of money without making any contribution to society whatsoever.Communism is a classless, stateless social organisation based upon common ownership of the means of production. The prime goal for communism is for everyone to be equal. Communism is the struggle between the capitalist class, who are the owners of most of the capital, and the working class. Communism is also the concept of the conditions of the liberation of the proletariat. The proletariat is the working class, the class in society which lives from the sale of its labour and does not profit from any kind of capital unlike those who live under a capitalist...

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1943 words - 8 pages economy of state will disintegrate. The society will then face unemployment, high level of taxes, low production, which then in response leave the state in an unfavorable condition because, “the very ability to tax would be an empty privilege if the economy were not operating satisfactorily; we also say that one cannot get blood from a stone.” (Heilbroner 55). Therefore, if government needs enough revenues to be successful it should support the

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