We Were Told We Could Write A Story Roughly 1000words And It Could Be Any Devolpment Of Ideas.... I Did It In Script Format Which I Think Gave Me Bonus Marks

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Cast List:Malcolm McDowell DavidMichael Gover Sergeant CooperMiriam Karlin RebeccaPatrick Magee Fuel GuyIntention:My intention with this story is write a story in script format giving me a challenge and that if it was to be made into a play or movie it would not require time to convert it. The story is about a guy 'David who is in love with a girl 'Rebecca' who in return does not love David, at first. She quickly has a change in her heart and decides to love him back; the story has romance as it follows them around their dinners, picnics and love... However, appearances can be deceiving, as David starts to hallucinate terrible things about death, and the only thing that can put his mind to ease will be a visit from the Boy ScoutFADE IN:INT. Rebecca's house - NIGHTDining room from an upper class house with a table to sit 10, filled with a buffet and wine bottles.Tense but romantic kind of atmosphere.Rebecca and David, eating, drinking, and sitting opposite each other occasionally glancing at each other.DAVIDRebecca I've been meaning to say this for a while now and I just can't bear it anymore, I love you, I have loved you since my eyes first glazed over your body and my ears hearing the sweetness of your voice.To Rebecca which is looking tense and real nervousREBECCADavid, are joking cause this is mean... no David I do not love you but I see you as a good friend, a very good...David's face growing redder and redder with Angier.DAVIDNO ARE YOU JOKING I LOVE YOU MORE THAN A FRIEND AND IF YOU CANNOT SEE THAT THEN (more loudly) GET... OUT... OF... MY... HOUSE...REBECCA (V.O.)David please calm down and this is my house David remember I invited you over...David stands up grabs a wine bottle.DAVID (muttering)Only in death will you see you true love... you Dail GrindDavid throws the bottle, it smash against the chair cutting Rebecca's neckREBECCA (Moving hand too stop bleeding)Oh-hhh!!!David gets up and starts to head towards the doorDAVID (sorrow in voice)Sorry Rebecca I do not what happened over meDavid slams the door and Rebecca screams...REBECCAIt's okay David it is just a scratchFADE OUT:Title credits rollFADE IN:INT. REBECCA'S HOUSE/FRONT DOOR - MORNINGDavid standing out side muttering holding a small rectangular boxRings doorbellDAVID (muttering still)Rebecca I'm sorry... NO Rebecca this is a sign of peace MAYBE...Dorr opens Rebecca stands tall and with a bandage around her neckREBECCAYes David what is it?David stutters.DAVIDI got, got this for youDavid opens the box and hands it to Rebecca, we see it is a diamond necklace...REBECCAOh, David it's beautiful but this would have cost a nuggetDavid last night I thought you were joking so I did want to be caught in a trap, I was being over precautious but David I do love you more than a friend... I'm sorry that my screwed...They each simultaneously bend with a little hesitation kiss a deep loving kissINT. BEDROOM - NOON - WARPPED, BLURRED SHOTSDavid and Rebecca getting passionate in bed and start to...

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