We Had To Do An Essay On A Book Called Crossing, Which Has Short Stories On Crossing Boundaries(Physical,Mental Etc.)The Book Is Called "Crossing" And Is By Agnes Nieuwhenheizen And Tessa Duder.

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The essay statement that I will be discussing in this essay is 'crossing the boundaries is all about freedom.' In this case I definitely agree that this is true as it is portrayed in various short stories in the book "crossing" by Agnes Nieuwenhuizen and Tessa Duder. We also see how freedom plays a main part in the related text 'Mild Swan' in a story about immigration and family life.The story 'shadow strangers' is about running away to attain what the artificial beings define as freedom or their very own 'paradise.' The story is based on two teenagers who run at the risk of their own lives just for the sake of freedom. Freedom is one of the main concepts in this story. "But I'm so tired of running. I don't care if I live or if I..." You see one of the physical boundaries they cross of just running and running. They have crossed their own physical limit or boundary for the sakes of freedom showing that boundaries are all about freedom, having to cross some sort of limitation to set yourself free. "Tomorrow we'll fly to the eco-tourist jungle and then slip across the border." She laughed "Free as the birds" The technique used in this line if mainly focused on "free as the birds". The technique used in this quote is a metaphor. The fact they compare themselves to a bird represents freedom as the make you imagine them as birds, free to soar, free from troubles or misunderstandings.The related text "Wild Swan" is about a woman who migrates to Australia to live an easier life but finds it only harder on herself. The story takes place through the eyes of a Chinese lady named Lily. She has a hard life in china and doesn't make much money which brought her to a decision to migrate to Australia. She moved there because she wanted to be free from all hardships in china, to be able to start a brand new life, as a free person. "They reduced her age from 14 to 11 to enhance the chances of her application being accepted." Through this she has crossed moral boundaries. She has lied her way through just to be able to get to Australia in a sense of knowing that she will have more freedom than in china. After finding her new life harder as her auntie and uncle forced her...

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