We Had To Write A 2 Paragraph Essay Considering The Job Or Profession You Want To Follow. Develop The Following Idea Into A Topic Sentence.

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The one quality most necessary in my chosen career of a homemaker is to enjoy what I am doing. As a homemaker I enjoy the privilege and the opportunity to schedule my days exactly as I wish. Over the years I have perfected a highly efficient program of cleaning, shopping and laundering. Monday is scrubday not another week beginning in an office with a boss, I am my own boss. My entire family has the chance to clutter, litter and soil the house over the weekend. But in the morning, a transformation starts to take place. And by the end of the afternoon I have the intense satisfaction of wandering from room to room to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Wednesdays mean errands. Cookbooks are consulted, menus compiled, shopping lists prepared. I am still amazed at the amount of time that is involved to just run to the grocery store or drop by the cleaners. Laundry and ironing takes place on Fridays. No more griping and complaining that there is nothing to wear for the weekend. Planning major household chores every other day of the week leaves me ample time to pursue a college degree, and of course because a little education is good for everyone. Although, I have chosen a homemaker as a career and I enjoy it not every women seeks this profession as a career. To me in what ever career any woman may chose she needs to enjoy her profession to be good at it.I consider myself very fortunate that I...

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Write an essay on the following topic: Saying Goodbye

515 words - 2 pages the incident on the child in my womb manifested as its death. I regretted it, I wished I had not listened to my heart but the elder who wished to scatter pearls in my path but I was so ignorant and so self-centered to obey them.Realizing the gravity of the loss, I clutched the reports in my hand and wished shredding them into pieces- as though this will bring a change in my destined fate. The loss was menacing, it would change my life entirely and

You are to write a bid to win money to develop your creative learning environment

1576 words - 6 pages There used to be a time, when the world once offered various kinds of free play to children, they once had access to the world at large; whether it was streets, alleys, or forests, where they were able to interact with the natural world without restriction. Today the lives of children are more structured and supervised. Concerns for safety and with modern housing offering limited or no outdoor play spaces keep children away from natural

This was a description essay, we got to write about anything we wanted to. We had to try and use all of the senses and describe them in the paper!

1559 words - 6 pages . Eventually your dad signals that the food is done, and you quickly snap back to reality. You run to your dad, and the food, your grab a bun. Your mouth begins to water, and you can't wait to take your first bite. You grab a sausage and chomp down. The delicious piece of meat is just what you've been waiting for. You can feel it run down your throat and into your stomach because it is still hot, seeing as it had just came of the grill. At

You Be The Judge. Imagine you are the Judge dealing with the following cases, and decide how you would rule. Write a pursuasive paragraph on each of you decisions.

895 words - 4 pages acquitted of this offence. Due to scientific developments since the initial trial, the court must allow a new trial to be held so new evidence can be heard.2) A voter's rights group has launched a court action using the Charter, arguing that it should no longer be lawful to deny teenagers between the ages of 16-18 the right to vote in Federal elections. What is your decision?Ruling:Section 3:"Every citizen of Canada has the right to vote in

You are a consultant hired to advise a selected Australian manufacturer or service firm. The firm is considering making an entry into one of any two countries of your choice.

8685 words - 35 pages were well-controlled, gross profit margins improved by 2%. Other income was $1.7 million in 2002, compared to $2.3 million in 2001, which had taken into account an exchange gain of $1.6 million that year. However, the general and administrative expense component under operating expenses was lowered due to the realizing of the full impact of the downsizing of our Hong Kong and Taiwan operations.For the year, the Group's profit before tax declined by

The title was A Separate Peace and we had to write about what was the "separate peace" in the story. We had to write it in the MLA format

598 words - 2 pages A Separate Peace EssayIn John Knowles' novel, a separate peace resembles an entity, a friendship or any other intimate or isolated microcosm in which the outside world seems more distant and more chaotic. The main things that brought this separate peace to Gene were the friendship that Gene had with Finny and the comfort provided Devon School. Just as September 11th created emotional and physical turmoil in this generation, World War II affected

I Will Follow You Into The Dark

2661 words - 11 pages I Will Follow You into the DarkBy: Danielle DeFreitasThe moving truck was the first thing I remember seeing. A large, white rectangle attached to a blue cab. Men wearing matching blue uniforms were unloading cardboard boxes and furniture. My sister and I spied from our perch atop the swing set. Our backyards were all connected. The new family was puttering around the house, a mom, a dad, a little boy and an older girl. I would have sworn the

My math teacher wanted our class to write an essay on a job and how you use math in it.

690 words - 3 pages the it’s supposed too. In order for my physical therapist to measure this progress, she had to use the goniometer. In other words, student’s questions have been answered. The question “When are we ever using math”?, well don’t ask a math teacher because there all tired of answering that silly question. Ask your parents or anyone else that has a job. They will definitely know about using math in every day life. Math is used in varieties of jobs. Whatever you want to be, there will be math involved.

Overcoming Mount Redcloud My Creative Writing teacher wanted us to write a paper over something we had experienced, but she wanted it in the form of fiction.

1379 words - 6 pages ! It's gonna be so great! I can't wait to get up to the summit and breathe the fresh mountain air!! Now go shower so we can go!!" Assuming there was no argument, Jordan grabbed some clothes and headed toward the shower. She was enjoying the trip, and was very grateful that Joanna and her family had invited her. But she just wasn't enjoying the outdoor-type thing. She kind of wished Joanna had taken into consideration that she was barely even a

Our teacher asked that we write a Four Paragraph report comparing the symbolism of "the shore" and "the raft" in the novel "Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain. Written in the common: Into - bodies -...

770 words - 3 pages Chris Reed Chris Reed Ms. McLellan English II January 31, 2010 Huck Finn Essay All lives start as an empty canvas, clean and pure, untouched by corruption. Every person receives a brush so that they may paint their self on the canvas. Society too receives its brushes, and with them, brings corruption. Huck starts out in the mess of society, bound by others, trying to be "sivilized". However, as soon as Huck escapes

Descent into Postpartum Psychosis; This is a nine page research essay on the short story "The Yellow Wallpaper" We had to do an analysis on the story and use third person.

2863 words - 11 pages , also her doctor, adheres to this belief and prescribes his wife a summer of isolation and seclusion. According to the woman, "He said we came here solely on my account, that I was to have perfect rest and all the air I could get" (Gilman 380). The woman is in the room for her treatment, but instead of curing her, the wallpaper feeds her illness by allowing her to hallucinate. The rest therapy only adds to its effects, pushing her into a state of

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2119 words - 8 pages performance goals in the team. It could be reasonably argued that within an educational context that pastoral could be a group and departments could be teams. This is also shown in how schools choose to phrase 'year teams' or 'year groups' and the reasoning behind the phrasing. Whether this is due to not considering the meanings, aspiring to being a team, or the work that school puts into developing year 'teams'.The 'fogginess' of the above quotes

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595 words - 2 pages who takes orders from people who wants dogs from certain countries. Then he goes to that specific country to collect the dog for you and then he sends the puppy to your country where the puppy can have a loving home. I phoned the man to order an Afghan hound from Afghanistan. He told me that it would take 5 weeks for the puppy to arrive in South Africa. He also told me that I have to fetch the puppy from the airport in Johannesburg. But that he

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937 words - 4 pages outraged Australians because they had expected us to follow this policy.In 1957, I packed up and got a job at the Snowy mountains scheme to help Giuseppe support our family. Work was hard and conditions were tough. Because 98% of the project was underground, there was a lot of tunnelling to be done often through solid granite rock. Work in the tunnels was dirty, wet, noisy, smelly and sometimes dangerous. Living conditions were also hard in the camps