I Wrote An Essay On Electric Cars And How We Should Start Adopting Them.

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If you could drive on the power of the sun, would you? Would you only pay two cents per mile? And would you help the environment for the future to come? I would, and so would you! All of these questions are answered with the electric car. Nearly every household in America owns one car that runs on gasoline and pollutes the atmosphere. We, need to start adopting the ideas and uses of electric cars into our lives; which is to change your gasoline guzzler into a clean, green, electrifying machine! Nissan with the Leaf and Chevy with the Volt are just two E.V.'s to be manufactured for the U.S. in 2010. With groups like "Plug in America" and documentaries such as "Who Killed the Electric Car?", activists are taking a stand for what's right! Us American love oil, but with our solar cell technology, we can change our dirty habits and make the switch to green and clean electric vehicles that run on renewable energy!
Electric Vehicles stretch the boundaries of how inexpensive transportation can be. These alternatives are cheaper to keep running when compared to the common gasoline powered cars. For example, when an electric car is up against a 20mpg gas car with gasoline costing $3 per gallon, you spend $0.15 for every mile that you drive. On the other hand, with electricity being the alternative fuel, we pay in kilowatt hours, which would total to about two cents per mile. Over the long run, this is a he amount of savings. Electric cars are cheaper to fuel, but they are also cheaper to maintain. E.V.'s only have one moving part, the motor. No transmissions, gears, sparks or explosions are taking place "under the hood". No lubricant is needed, so no oil spills to clean up! This would then mean that it does not have to be taken to the shop as much because almost nothing needs to be changed! These cars are much cheaper to maintain than gasoline cars and stay much cleaner! Although electric cars are more expensive to buy from a dealership, they outperform regular petrol cars. They age much slower, and the cars motor never dies because of the so little moving parts inside. But eventually after a decade, your lithium ion batteries start to drain out and lose charge. But instead of buying a new car every couple of years, you just replace the batteries, and they are much cheaper than a new car. Currently, when you purchase a zero emission car...

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