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We Need To ‘Bump’ Up Sex Education In Schools, To Reduce Teenage Pregnancies And Std’s.

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It’s inevitable. It creeps into conversations, sneaks into parties and invades youngsters’ minds who like to “live in the moment”. The problem is, no one is talking to them about it.

In Alice’s case, sex is not a big deal. She’s sixteen. She is aware of the precautions of unprotected sex; as she was taught about it briefly back at the start of year eight. Moreover, she is just like any other teenager, going out to parties, and subsequently having sex. But why carry around condoms, when you can be on the pill, she concluded. They taught her something back in secondary school about it… it stops you from getting pregnant, and that’s all she’s worried about.

But Alice is just one of the many teenagers that are unconsciously pulled into a deep hole of shock, shame and sorrow when the night is over. They have whirled past getting pregnant, but in contrast got something equally as regretting; some sort of STIs.
The Sex Education Act 1996 requires sex education should inform people about STIs and HIVs, however half of the schools only teach the biological aspects, while the broader subject of sex, that is emotional impacts, peer pressure and so on is not required.
Despite many warning, adverts and being the biggest buyers of contraceptives, Britain still has the highest rate of teen pregnancies in Western Europe. 2.9 out of every 100 girls aged between 15 and 19 giving birth every year.

You might wonder, do we need to increase the age of consent? Is it because at sixteen teenagers are irresponsible, and if it was increased to eighteen they would think about it more carefully? Perhaps. However, Holland has an age of consent of twelve, but as a country it has the lowest teenage pregnancy rates. So, what are they doing that we are missing out on?

The answer is, quite simply, sex education. Holland has the best supply of sex education, and they teach teenagers the wider subject of sex, all throughout school. The pupils are aware of not only the physical subject, but the emotional side to i- the side that never gets brought up or made aware of. Examples such as how...

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