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We Need To Legalized Marijuana Essay

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;Marijuana has been falsely criticized since the beginning of the century. The fact is that the legalization of marijuana can only have positive effects. Marijuana has been proven to be less likely to create crime, it can be used as a medicine, and isn’t any more harmful than most other legal substances on the market. It’s hard to understand why it is illegal. Legalizing marijuana would reduce the numbers in our prisons, help the country medically, and make money for the government by taxing the plant.
     Marijuana users are known to be criminals because of the law. People do not realize that the only crime most marijuana users commit is smoking this plant. Why is this specific plant illegal and not tobacco or alcohol? The government spends so much money keeping these marijuana users behind jail walls when it could be doing something more useful with the money. Most marijuana users are the most peaceful people one can meet. It makes no sense that society chooses to keep these people behind bars. If marijuana were legal, the jails wouldn’t be overloaded. These fathers, mothers, hard workers, etc. wouldn’t be thrown in jail for such a silly reasons as possessing or distributing marijuana.
     Marijuana has also been proven to have medical benefits. It is often prescribed to AIDS, cancer and glaucoma patients. If the plant were legal, people wouldn’t have to sneak behind the governments back just to smoke it. If it relieves their pain, why can’t people take advantage of it? How can the government hold this plant back based on false research and propaganda? The research by the government in the past was in no way scientific. One experiment included placing three rats in a small-concealed container and overloading it with marijuana smoke. The rats obviously died but in no way was it because of the marijuana....

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