We Should Treat All Explicit Knowledge As Problematic

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“We should treat all explicit knowledge as problematic”
Explicit knowledge is knowledge that has passed through the process of articulation or is subject to articulation. It is also able to be codified and also amassed in particular media. This knowledge is also manageably convenient to transfer from one place to another. Encyclopedia and online sources such as the Wikipedia are very good examples of sources of explicit knowledge. Most people do not possess the know-how or skill or morale to articulate their beneficial knowledge to the society. Human beings are different and therefore different human beings have different talents and also are able to understand issues in varied ways. Therefore while some people may not require any assistance in articulating their knowledge most people will require the help of a certain institution to be able to articulate their knowledge. This institutional helps consumes time and consequently money and hence is considered problematic.
Television is a very good example of a source of explicit knowledge and this has led to the emergence of video games which are also a good example of explicit knowledge. Video games are the most popular forms of entertainment among children, adolescents, and young adults. Many video games are extremely violent and expose the Young to violence on a constant basis. This knowledge impacted on children is what is to be considered problematic. In particular, young men are a preferred target of advertisement from game manufacturers for war theme games. These games are either first person shooters or third person play. In a first person shooter game, the player is holding the gun whereas in third person games, the player is represented by a character within the game play. These games, especially first person shooters, are designed to give a rush to the players by stimulating their primal reactions and with more reasonable games, a need to prove their `manhood. In addition , extreme exposure to video game and TV violence has a tendency to desensitize people ,especially immature minds who may not be able to connect to what is really happening in front of them on the TV screen and , at the same time , clearly distinguish virtual fiction from reality (King ,Krzywinska , 124 ) The scope of this paper is to explore the idea that young men may join the Army for other reasons than to go to college .
In essence , they join the Army with the idea that they will `kick butts ,just like in their favorite war video games without realizing that they
have signed up to be in the middle of the nightmarish realities of war :suffering and death. Since the invasion of Iraq in March 2003, the news media have been showing images of war : explosions , soldiers running down what used to be streets while dodging bullets , showing these images to saturation . The saturation seems to come from a fascination with death and how cameras can immortalize the image (Sontag , 59 ) The audience is curious to know what...

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