We Learn The Most From The People Closest To Us.

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Convert to a heroFiona SuMay 20, 20142-1In the <<The Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-time>> written by Mark Haddon. Christopher Boone, the main character, has a mild form of autism. He can't be in large crowds, and he keeps a journal everyday so he can express himself. Christopher has two significant goals he wants to achieve. The first is to find out who killed Wellington, the neighbor's dog, whom Christopher cared for. The second one is to find his mother, whom he had always thought was dead. In order to find who murdered the dog and his mother, Christopher must do many things that terrify him. Therefore, he becomes a heroic character because he faces his fears to achieve his goals.Christopher like dogs, Wellington, his neighbor Mrs. Shears' dog, has been killed. Christopher is sad, and because of his poor communication skills he causes the police and Mrs. Shears' to misunderstand that he is the murderer. This then makes him want to find more clues so he can know the real murderer. But the police and Mrs. Shears continue to terrify him: "If you don't go… I will call the police again." (P.31) Mrs. Shears says. Christopher tries to ask one of his other neighbors, Mrs. Alexander about the dog's death. Mrs. Alexander takes him to the park, but Christopher is afraid of parks because his autism makes him afraid of crowds. He is also afraid of people he doesn't know. Mrs. Alexander is a strange to him. Christopher expresses his thoughts:" I was nervous… but she was a stranger." (P.59). It's hard for Christopher to chat with others especially to strangers. He thinks it will bring danger. However, Christopher talks anyway. He tries to do things he is afraid to do and he goes to the place he is afraid to go to. He does all these things to get information about the dog's death. This shows us how brave and heroic he is. In the end, to his surprise, he learns the murderer is his father. From there, everything starts to change Christopher distrusts his father, and then what becomes his most important goal is to find him mother.Christopher unexpectedly finds his mother's letter at home. The letter was hidden by his father. He realizes his mother had never been died and his father has been lying to him. In addition, his father is the person who killed Wellington. Christopher becomes more afraid and distrustful to his father. Therefore, he decides to find his mum in London on his own. He brings his mother's address and his father's cash card with him when he arrives at the train...

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1468 words - 6 pages close contact and each thinks the othergroup is doing them some wrong. With many situations similar to this occurring around the world aswe speak it is not surprising to learn that 35 out of 37 major armed conflicts in 1991 were considered tobe due to ethnic differences or racial tensions (Eriksen, 1993).I think most people are aware that environmental issues are some of the biggest problemsfacing the world today. The world we live in affects the

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1171 words - 5 pages . Even on the roads, there were more people and fewer cars. As we were going further in, we noticed that the people ahead of us were getting really rowdy and apart from that a man came up to us and said that we should move our car back because the people ahead of us were going wild. At that point, we got a bit worried because we could not reverse our car since a lot of people were behind us and we could not just drive over them. In short, we were

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1420 words - 6 pages about the truth of a premise. It, however, does not take into account that in this finite amount of data, a sample within the sample set that breaks the rules is missing. Because the search for truth is so tedious (entire books exist on the search for truth), for the duration of this essay, I will assume that by the search for truth, we speak of whatever we find that is closest to the truth, since, for these reasons, science cannot provide us with

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1248 words - 5 pages predict exactly what students will learn before they even attempt to learn it. Because the system still employs the "banking method" that Freire speaks about in his book--where teachers simply make deposits in the safe deposit boxes that are children's' minds--we are keeping our young people from understanding the world that is changing and developing even quicker than they are. I became disgusted when I read this statement from chapter 6 in

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696 words - 3 pages means to be a citizen, is the support for those serving for the military. We have many men and women serving for our freedoms given by the government and some people are too ignorant to give them the respect they deserve. This is just a few of many responsibilities we have as American citizen. Many people criticize and have doubt in the government based on laws and regulations. Why criticize and critic the government after all they do for us? There

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952 words - 4 pages inalienable right. American business leaders try to include all kinds of people in their places of business. One of the reasons we have so many people trying to come into our county is for the multitude of jobs. The American workforce was comprised of about 25.3 million foreign-born people in 2013 (Labor). There are also many other races in the workplace because business leaders are trying to diversify. This would be a great thing for society, but

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1333 words - 5 pages Most people take for granted the ability to sit, stand, walk, and run (although I do not because of my many knee surgeries). We walk, run, lift, and carry heavy of even light objects without much thought of what is taking the burden of these tasks. Our bodies provide us with a large range of mobility, leverage, and strength just to name a few. We would not be able to perform any of these activities required in our everyday lives without the

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1492 words - 6 pages testing is done on anywhere from 50-100 million animals annually, and it is an on-going research experiment that is supposedly done for our own good. However, the negative implications are not brought into the light enough. The level of discomfort and pain that is inflicted upon the unfortunate animals that we humans use as test subjects is something that the general public likes to push under the rug. In order for things to change, more awareness

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1081 words - 4 pages told by people who weren't there” this is probably the most suitable quotation for the topic. Because no one wants to hear stories from the loser side. Therefore, there’s always been a bias in history. An example is that American school teaches students about World War 2. While German school never teaches their students about Nazi and Hitler. So, someone has always been filtering history sort out which one we should know and which don

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