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We’ll Always Have Summer written by Jenny Han is the third book in the summer trilogy, the first being The Summer I Turned Pretty and the second It’s Not Summer Without You. As many would have guessed after reading the book titles, it’s a story about summer love, which eventually turns into a life-long love. It’s a story about a girl named Isabella Conklin, or “Belly” for short, who is caught in a very tough situation. She’s in love with two different boys, who just happen to be brothers. We’ll Always Have Summer takes place during the character’s college years and Belly is now attending the same college as one of the brothers named Jeremiah Fisher, who she has now been dating for two years now, but when she finds out he had cheated on her during one of their small breakup periods she begins to question everything. Jeremiah then asks eighteen year old Isabella to marry him and surprisingly she accepts. But as the couple struggle to get support and continue on planning the wedding, the first brother, Conrad Fisher confesses that he’s still in love with her and wants her to marry him instead. The whole book is just a huge whirlwind of emotions. In the end, the book boils down to Belly finally making her choice – will it be Jeremiah or will it be Conrad?
Eighteen year old Isabella is a tall, brown haired girl with even deeper brown eyes. Throughout the series she has grown. We’ll Always Have Summer being the book she experienced the biggest change in, mentally anyway. Belly has a soft spot for Jeremiah in the beginning, but she knew deep down that she had been in love with Conrad the whole time, though many times she had kept trying to convince herself otherwise. “When I saw his face turning to look at me, I felt a rush of love coming to me, but had brushed it off as fast as it had come.” This quote from the book shows that Belly still has deep feelings for Conrad, and is forcing herself to push the feelings away. When Belly finds out that Jeremiah had cheated on her with Lacie she felt sadness, anger and betrayal. “The fact that she (Lacie) knew him in a way that I didn't yet, had experienced something with him that I hadn't; that felt like the biggest betrayal of all." Belly’s personality leads her to often convince herself that things are right in that moment, but eventually she would she would later come to find that it was not right at all. She almost seems to be a master of self-deception at times.
All the characters in We’ll Always Have Summer experience some sort of conflict. The obvious being the big love triangle that is going on between Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah. Other than not knowing what brother she loves more, Belly also has to deal with the disapproval from her and the Fisher’s parents. When Belly and Conrad announce to their family while out to supper that they will be getting married, none of the family supports their decision. Belly’s mother Lauren especially, who even says she will have no part of it...

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